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8th of February 2006 (Wed), 05:39
Howdy all,

I'm a bit new here, but thought that I would share some shots of my first engagement gig. Okay, so it was my sister from last year, but she seemed
very pleased with them. (and not one to spare the feelings)




Maureen Souza
8th of February 2006 (Wed), 06:54
Welcome, Vance.

Nice shots... #2 is my favorite. The most important thing you've said is your sister was pleased with them. That's what we all strive for when we take photos.

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 07:04
Hi Maureen,

How funny you should say you like #2, my sister is also very fond of that one. :D

These were shot back in March or early April last year, and she's now expecting!

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 13:18
of the 3 shown here I would say #2 is best.

In general, I find that engagement photos look best when you can see how happy the couple is and I do not get that sense here. They should be kissing and seeing their arms around each other. Do you have any shots of the ring? or full length shots?

In #1 the guy has this "Rico Suavee" thing going on with his eyes and her face is turned in a bit too much.

#2 Done well, :)

#3 I think her head is leaning on his shoulder but I can't tell exactly. Her head is cocked too far to the side. The guy has a good look to him in this picture.

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 17:29
Hi Sonton,

Thanks for the critique, it is warmly welcomed. :D

The problem I had is the groom, now brother in law, is not one for posing for the camera, which is interesting as he's in a musical group.

The first shot is about as relaxed as he got. I do have some full length shots, but I don't think are all that flattering to my sister.

Here's a candid shot I was able to get when they were getting ready for another shot...

Try as I might. I just had the hardest time trying to get them to relax.
And I'm a funny guy! :rolleyes:

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 18:37
#2 is really good :)

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 18:44
Yep, #2 does it for me... only wish they could smile more - like teeth showing a bit, but not everyone likes that, so it's ok. A nice portrait for sure.

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 19:57
Last one for this post, but I was able to get a smile. :D

And again, I really appreciate all the great comments and suggestions. I'm still pretty new to this wedding stuff, and have one for a friend coming up at the end of the month.

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 20:09
Oh, that one is great!!! :)

8th of February 2006 (Wed), 21:27
Thanks Petra.

Getting compliments from the true talent here is definately a confidence builder. :D

9th of February 2006 (Thu), 14:11
he looks high in number 1 i like #2 tho

9th of February 2006 (Thu), 16:03

Yeah, I was going for a fun image, I guess it didn't quite work so well. :)

9th of February 2006 (Thu), 19:52
They look like they're comfortable and enjoying the novelty of it all, which is what it should be all about.