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10th of February 2006 (Fri), 12:53
I've recently noticed a number of great Hoover and other dam photos posted and thought it would be cool to have a thread devoted to dams like the very large one on lighthouses. Sorry if this has been done, but I didn't find any in Search.

This is one of the Hoover Dam I took on film10 years ago from one of those little planes that fly over the Grand Canyon. While looking at it last night I was wondering if Homeland Security allows these planes to fly this close anymore?.

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 12:57
NO!, their my dam pictures and no one but me, will ever see them!
lol, lol, lol...( actually i have no dam pics.)

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 13:08



10th of February 2006 (Fri), 18:40
Here's my dam pictures from a dam tour I took a couple of years ago. ;)

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 19:26
Nothing as special as the Hoover but it's a dam :lol: :lol:


an old no longer used hydro dam built some time in the 1920's


10th of February 2006 (Fri), 19:40
In those Hoover Dam pictures, the 4 generators looks really close together in BeccaNH and my shots, but in the arial shot of dicky109's, they look very far apart.

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 20:49
In those Hoover Dam pictures, the 4 generators looks really close together in BeccaNH and my shots, but in the arial shot of dicky109's, they look very far apart.
As anyone who's been there knows, there's a good distance between them, but in the overall scale of the size of the project, they're pretty close.

A number of years ago, we rented a pontoon boat on Lake Meade and putt-putted around for the day, which was really cool. These are not terribly high powered boats (the zoom head on your flash probably has a bigger motor), nor are they very maneuverable. We started getting uncomfortably close to one of these intake towers and were caught up a bit in the slight current created. Fortunately, someone with a speedy boat came by and we were able to maneuver, in a manner of speaking, using their wake to break out of the current.

From that perspective, these towers are incredibly close!

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 21:06
OK, like Sandy said, not quite Hoover, but still a Dam...:)


- Joe

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 22:42
Nice shots, everyone!

Sandy, that first dam is really neat! Where is that?

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 23:01
I drove across the Hoover Dam in the day light. I did not even think about seeing it at night. did I ever miss out. DAMN... I am in awe....

11th of February 2006 (Sat), 00:08
I've already posted shots of Hoover Dam, here's one of Parker Dam, also in the Colorado River south of Hoover Dam.

11th of February 2006 (Sat), 09:51

11th of February 2006 (Sat), 11:37
Nice shots, everyone!

Sandy, that first dam is really neat! Where is that?

Thanks Becca, That is the Nepaug reservoir dam in Canton and New Hartford CT it's drinking water, one of several that the Metropalitan District owns and maintains. here is a portion of one of there larger ones.

11th of February 2006 (Sat), 11:43
Thought I might add another. This is a dam small dam :lol: It's on a brook, the pond above was the water supply for the power wheel for the Old Grist Mill that you see on the right, I believe the mill was built in the early 1700's, and has in the past 15 years been restored and converted into a restuarant and some offices. To the left of the dam was the old Central New England RR. which ran from the 1860 to the 1940.


11th of February 2006 (Sat), 12:51
We don't have any huge dams here in Minnesota, but here is one just up the road taken this morning.

BTW, this is on the Mississippi River a couple hundred miles below the origin of the river. It's one of only a couple dams that you can not take a boat around on the entire river.

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 03:04
These are pretty good, but there must be more dam shots out there!

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 14:14
Roosevelt Dam. Taken on the Canyon Lake side of Roosevelt Dam on the Apache Tail just outside Mesa, AZ

The Apache Trail is a great place for photography and is easily driveable in a standard passenger car (13 Mile Dirt Road).

Phil (Mesa, AZ)

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 14:49
Another Angle. Also working on Framing.

Phil (Mesa, AZ)

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 23:21
Here's one from Virginia.It's the old Martinsville Hydro-Electric Co. dam.I took it hanging out of a car window with my digital P+S.Foggy Sunday morning.

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 23:43
Sorry, I gotta mess up the margins for those of you with small screens and res's. :P


15th of February 2006 (Wed), 19:10
Here's my pictures of the hoover dam - day and night. I went there last March with my dad for Photoshop World.


15th of February 2006 (Wed), 20:21
Really nice shots everyone.

Had to go out today as we had almost 60 degree F weather in northern NJ which has helped to melt the 1-2 feet of snow we had on Sunday... plus I just got the 17-85 and Opteka grip and had to play.

This is a couple of the Monksville Dam in Ringwood NJ

17th of February 2006 (Fri), 15:20
Ok I've posted this image already but I'll add it to the collection... Enjoy.


18th of February 2006 (Sat), 10:10

I've got some Hoover Dam shots here :

www.rtapper.plus.com (http://www.rtapper.plus.com)

Go to the link 4 Las Vegas and then Hoover Dam/Lake Meade....

Personal favourite is the one on the link below, I just love how the pylons are angled to take the power cables down to the turbine halls. Felt most unwell hanging over the edge of the top floor of the visitor centre car park what with my Vertigo !!!



18th of February 2006 (Sat), 12:46
Another dam