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10th of February 2006 (Fri), 20:16
If i have an image 1900x1000 what is the biggest size I can print at best quality?

Thank you

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 21:18
How large a print you can make depends on your resolution (pixels per inch). Generally, printed photos look great at resolutions > 200 ppi. Pictures that are only going to be viewed on the computer can look great at lower resolutions. So, it depnds on how you set the resolution and how much quality you want to give up.

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 22:22
say 200dpi or 300.

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 22:55
You've answered your own question. An image of 1900 x 1000 will print 9.5" x 5" at the 200 ppi and will print 6.33" x 3.33" at the 300 ppi setting.

Here's an article that I wrote to help in understanding the relationships between pixels, ppi, etc.
Virtual Images:

10th of February 2006 (Fri), 22:55
Divide pixel dimensions by intended resolution. That will give you the print dimensions in inches. 1900/300= 6.33 X 1000/300=3.33. (edit) Looks like Robert beat me to it..

11th of February 2006 (Sat), 09:50
Those #s depend on the viewing distance, too. No closer than the diagonal distance of the print. If you're viewing from farther away, you can go to a bigger print.