View Full Version : WTB: Used A2 or A2e

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 11:54
I am looking for a used Canon A2e that someone that has sitting around might just want to get rid of for cheap, cosmetics dont matter just as long as it is capaple of taking a picture. Thanks, Jameson Vermaat

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 17:47
What price range you looking at?

13th of February 2006 (Mon), 21:34
Ditto......what are you loking to spend?

I have a almost mint A2 sitting in my old camera bag in my closet.

14th of February 2006 (Tue), 00:15
I dont even know what they are worth to be honest

14th of February 2006 (Tue), 13:04
I see them go for $75-$100 USD on ebay.

15th of February 2006 (Wed), 14:47
I have one with the vertical grip.
I see you are in Mn. I'm in Iowa.