View Full Version : nuclear skies

17th of February 2006 (Fri), 07:39
just looking to see what you guys think, the freezing cold rainish wheather is not being my friend, so trying to teach myself more experimental pp. all C&C more than welcome, anything you have to say please do!!! thanx a lot! :lol:

19th of February 2006 (Sun), 19:44
really guys....nothing...?.....haven't posted much and just looking for some general opinions....well thanx guys!

19th of February 2006 (Sun), 20:13
It reminds me of some sort of movie poster. I like the composition.

19th of February 2006 (Sun), 21:31
I like it. The colors are very vibrant and it has that creepy Friday the 13th feel to it! Well done!