View Full Version : A corrected SuperCross image

1st of March 2006 (Wed), 22:02
I previously posted a couple of SuperCross images and got some feed back that they were underexposed. I agreed but didn't think they were too bad. (I was WRONG) I took it upon myself to adjust a different image in PS to see if I could get some detail from the shadowed areas. (the corrections are a bit heavy handed I know, but it was just an excersise to prove something to myself) What a difference. I'll post the before and after. Now I just need to get the exposure right in the camera so I don't have to monkey with all the corrections.

1st of March 2006 (Wed), 22:17
Really good work. Try using the highlight/shadow tool in ps to bring up even more detail and lessen any higlights.

1st of March 2006 (Wed), 22:29
Thanks, I'll give it a try.