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2nd of March 2006 (Thu), 11:38
Hi All

I spent the last few hours setting up my website so that when i do the next few weddings i can put the photo's straight up, add some music and bobs ya uncle all done!!!

So for now i want to share the 2 weddings i have photographed, once in Oct 04 and this weekend, i have discussed the most recent one (Troy & Kates) quite a bit in here...so if you know which one im talking about then great :)

This is just so that friends/family & clients can come here and see my work, no pricelist etc are in here, as i tried the cheap approach to start with at photosite.com.

So i hope you enjoy the browse :)


2nd of March 2006 (Thu), 11:38
oh DUUUUUH! i didn't add the link did i....


2nd of March 2006 (Thu), 13:55
Oh Del, these are GREAT!!! And the shots of your brother's wedding was wonderful... love the shots on the dock!

2nd of March 2006 (Thu), 17:01
Nice site, and nice photos! I have a couple of suggestions... nice ones this time:
- If they have a pay service that lets you remove the things like "get your own free photosite" you might like to sign up for it, to get a more professional image.
- You own domain name is also good for the image, again more professional.
- Some of the slanted shots cut off feet or the tops of heads. I know that's a creative choice and a technique, but I don't like the way it's done in some of them. You might like to zoom out slightly and get the whole person, then crop later. I do the same thing sometimes too, I sometimes miss feet in order to get the important parts of the photo larger in the frame.


2nd of March 2006 (Thu), 19:42
Thanks Petra, im quite pleased with them, and hopefully my brother and sister in law are too :)

The Brad & Renee ones are all film and scanned in so that's why they look a little dodgey :(

Thanks Tim, good suggestions, i guess different people like different things and i still like some of the shots with feet or heads cut off but still a good suggestion, and i might get full framed ones this next wedding and crop later to see how they turn out :)

Yeah i know going photosite is the cheapy way out lol, but im not getting big anytime soon because i am not ready for it yet, i don't have the money to get insurance etc. just yet (All of this waiting on my car to sell then i can do it all!) because i have a domain name but i have no idea how to actually figure out using a website so unfortunately im going to wait until i make the big move to the city (3-4mths depending on a job) and then selling my car...THEN a bit of study and ill be ready :)

Im thinking when i move to the city the weddigns might die off hopefully so that i can focus on all of this... :)



2nd of March 2006 (Thu), 20:05
I often cut off foreheads or feet intentionally... and sometimes by mistake :oops: It's all matter of taste :) I love that image of yours of people sitting on that log, i'll keep that in mind for my wedding tomorrow, it's in an area that might have something like that around :)

2nd of March 2006 (Thu), 20:10
Because i used film for that camera, i couldn't check it straight after to see how it turned out, Brad actually dropped his little flower off his jacket, so Renee was pinning it back on and i thought it was a perfect moment to capture...that's my favourite out of all my photo's at the moment, AND i took them there because it's my favourite place in the world, i use that log a lot for heaps of my photo's (Portraits & pets etc)