View Full Version : The so called \"grinding\" noise.

28th of July 2003 (Mon), 05:08
I was reading something in the G3 forum about grinding noise. My S30 makes a whining noise every time i turn it on (lets retracts or extends etc) or when I zoom in/out. And of course when I'm doing a macro shot or focusing manually i'll hear a slight ticking sound, which doesn't bother me at all and sounds normal.

But as far as the whining noise, is there something I can do about it? Like is it because something needs to be lubricated? My camera is beyond warranty and well there's nothing wrong with it so I'm not going to get rid of it or anything. If not I'll see if I could take it to some sort of camera shop to hear what they have to say about it. Any ideas or comments are highly appreciated.

28th of July 2003 (Mon), 05:30
there's a saying that goes: "if ain't broke, don' fix it"

im sure you dont want to screw up your camera. sounds like that are usually normal (unless it gets irritably noisy).

28th of July 2003 (Mon), 05:53
troo. I don't want to risk myself or someone else screwing it up. Thanks for the comment.

28th of July 2003 (Mon), 10:04
The ticking sound is the AF mechanism stepping through it's ranges, trying to find focus.

The whinning noise should be checked. Simply take the camera in to the store where you got it (or any other helpful store). Ask them compare it to the store model. If theirs sounds good, and unlike yours, you may have a problem. If they sound the same, you can still try another store for a second opinion.

The problem should be addressed while the camera is under warranty. Once out of warrany, replacing a troublesome mechanism can be costly.