View Full Version : Why are we having Winter in March??

4th of March 2006 (Sat), 12:33
Ahh, I see ... someone left the fridge door open :rolleyes: Don't worry English people because I closed it!

Sigma 15-30mm 3.5-4.5 EX IF

4th of March 2006 (Sat), 14:43
LOL we got a foot/30cm of snow last week to start march off. Too many Canadian beer drinks opened their fridge that week me thinks. :lol:

4th of March 2006 (Sat), 14:47
A good whimsical shot.....the hideous faux bois laminate could have been nicely juxtaposed even more forcefully with the brick wall. Also, squatting or prostating ;) yourself would have helped enliven it.

4th of March 2006 (Sat), 16:20
Cheers Canuckas ... I'm not big on cold weather I have to say. There was a mistake at conception in that I was supposed to enter an Australian womb but ended up in a Scousers :rolleyes: I can only imagine there is a similarly confused Aussie.

This shot was a very severe crop of the actual picture I was taking. I just thought it was funny to crop the fridge and make the best of it ;) Not the greatest composition :lol: :lol:

4th of March 2006 (Sat), 17:37
Lol, funny :) Maybe someone left their outdoor fridge open here in NYC, we just had snowfall a couple of days ago. And it's damn cold outside...