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13th of March 2006 (Mon), 02:24
To lovers of aurora this is pretty exciting (http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2006/10mar_stormwarning.htm) if comes to be. It's many years since I was in a place that experienced frequent activity and it was darn hard to get a reasonable photo (especially as I was using a little Minolta 110 Zoom for much of the time). Now with our highly sensitive sensors things should be much easier. No doubt those of you in the high latitudes see plenty of this, but for the middle of New Zealand an aurora is rare. On the not-so-positive side of things, of course it may kill satellites and power grids ...

21st of December 2006 (Thu), 23:42
I have to wonder about a few things...one the CME that we had last week...is that a harbinger of things to come? Here's another link for those interested parties: http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2006/21dec_cycle24.htm?list63051 Stay tuned, if you're interested.

7th of March 2007 (Wed), 20:03
that december one was sick

21st of March 2007 (Wed), 21:50
They come every 11 years (its called the solar cycle). What you need for good auroras is an ejction (or better, a series of ejections (CME's)) towards the earth, the ionosphere gets supercharged (or sometimes not...) leading to auroras. I live in Virginia (38N) and saw one at the end of the last solar cycle (3 years ago?) this far south the sky just gets a reddish glow, and its pretty hard to even recognize its there. I took a few time exposures with a Mavica - looked a lot like an overcast sky lit by reddish city lights. NASA's Spaceweather.com can send you e-mails warning of CME's and Aurora alerts - it keyed me in to the one I saw. Just sign up at Spaceweather.

22nd of March 2007 (Thu), 13:08
As a slight hijack, Lancea, you live in New Zealand, where abouts? We're on the cusp of applying for permanent visas for New Zealand, and one of the things that crossed my mind was what the photography's like and if the Aurora is visible in NZ?