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13th of March 2006 (Mon), 02:53
I just wanted to post some good news, i got in contact with a photographer and basically laid it out on the table "I want to be your assistant, ill work for free to start with ill do anything, i just want to get some experience" he said yes! I am meeting him soon so we can discuss things futher liek when i finally move to the city, and then he mentioned paying me and working with him for a while! I also mentioned i wanted to be an assistant for quite some time, which i think made him realise i wasn't just going to work off him and then go out myself...i said im willing to start from the bottom and work up again!



13th of March 2006 (Mon), 03:08
good luck del! :) me myself started as a second shooter and till now haven't tried being the main shooter in a wedding but i'm pretty sure my time will come. :) but as for now, i'm happy being an assistant coz i know i'm learning :)


13th of March 2006 (Mon), 05:25
Great one Del!!! :D

13th of March 2006 (Mon), 05:30
Awesome Del!

13th of March 2006 (Mon), 05:50
Del, that's wonderful news!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.... you'll be SMOKIN'!!!

13th of March 2006 (Mon), 08:10

"Caaaan...yoooou feeeeeel...the loooooove....toniiiiiiiight" hahahaha :)

Thanks guys!!

Im sure it will be a work in progess, might take a few months to move etc. but he seems keen to have a helping hand and im only TOO willing to give it!!!! :)

Im sure ill let you know how this progresses!

13th of March 2006 (Mon), 08:19
Hey, good gig to get from where you are to where you want to be. Hope it works out real well. Good luck!

13th of March 2006 (Mon), 10:43
Way to go DEL good luck.

13th of March 2006 (Mon), 10:46
Well done !
Like we said :
"Un grand bravo!"
I hope (and i'm sure) you will learn a lot of think... and you will share it to us ;)
It's good for you, and so, good for us ;)

Good luck... may the force be with you (dark music...)

R. Lawrence
13th of March 2006 (Mon), 10:47
S-C-O-R-E !!!


13th of March 2006 (Mon), 11:28
congrats! Good Luck!!

14th of March 2006 (Tue), 03:57
Grats Del !

I'm sure you'll be the best assistant he's ever had! :)

14th of March 2006 (Tue), 04:16
Awesome news. Well done. What type of photography? Weddings? Portraits? Everything?

14th of March 2006 (Tue), 17:16
Very cool Del!! How great to have a mentor!!

14th of March 2006 (Tue), 18:37
Aww thanks guys :)

kiwi - he does Weddings, Portraits, Pets, Children, Commercial, Real estate & Models....pretty much everything i want to get into :)

Wedding Shooter
14th of March 2006 (Tue), 22:58
Well I just sent you a PM about assisting for me - sounds like you are in demand!

All the best.



15th of March 2006 (Wed), 00:13
I think it's more of me demanding work haha....i have been contacting photographer's to pick up some work here and there. I just sent you a PM back! THANKS :):)

16th of March 2006 (Thu), 01:49
congrats! that's so great. I was trying to find someone to work under as well but seems photogs in seattle forget where the came from as the get established, so here i am out on my own learning...with my first wedding on july 28th...

so i'm envious of you! congrats!

16th of March 2006 (Thu), 06:07
This is exactly what I did and have learned so much from it. I still assist and with my work situation it is best for me. Learn everything you can and have fun doing it.

16th of March 2006 (Thu), 06:38
pyterps i think its the best way to learn the industry....this guy hasn't actually gotten back to me yet so im not sure what the go is BUT wedding shooter has kidly offered me to help him out! So all in all this thread helped me out in the end anyway even though i havent heard from the other guy i was offered something different!!!!


16th of March 2006 (Thu), 08:15
nice del :) more power