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15th of December 2001 (Sat), 17:10

I'm pretty new to slr cameras. Have graduated from point and shoots. Just purchased a D30 and the canon 28-135 is usm lens. My question has to do with filters. Should I be putting a uv filter on the lens just to protect it from getting scratched? Will that affect the photos that I take? Do people normally put a protective filter on lenses for protection? Whats the scoop on them? Thanks for your advice.

15th of December 2001 (Sat), 19:35
Hi. I'm new to the D30 and relatively new to SLR as well. I've read quite a bit lately, though, and yes, a uv filter is highly recommended to avoid a mistaken scratch on the more expensive lens. I've also been told -- not sure if its true -- that the IS lens might need a uv filter that is IS sensitive.

How do you like your lens? I bought the same one. So far, so good, though I am wrestling a little with crisp indoor shots.

15th of December 2001 (Sat), 22:11
Actually, I haven't got it yet. The camera was suppose to arrive yesterday, but UPS put it on the wrong truck, so I won't get it until monday. As for the lens, I got if from Delta International yesterday, but it doesn't work, so I need to call them and get it returned. (The reason I know it doesn't work is because I tested it on a canon Rebel body). It's going to be awhile before I can actually try the camera out.