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4th of August 2003 (Mon), 23:16
Does anyone know where to sell photos? I know there are places that purchase them but I don't know where to begin.

6th of August 2003 (Wed), 10:32
Miss Kitty,

You should try out Printroom.com, Express Digital and More Photos. They all have excellent ways to market your images, and are proven both from a technology standpoint, and fulfillment. The methods of payment vary. It really comes down to UI.

Wendy Lilygreen
7th of November 2003 (Fri), 06:13
Depending on what part of the world you live in... In the UK there is an organisation called Bureau of Freelance Photographers. You get a monthly Newsletter and a year book stating what magazines etc are looking for what pictures.
Hope this helps.

10th of November 2003 (Mon), 23:40
Does anyone know if there is an organization such as this suggestion from Wendy, in the USA?

15th of November 2003 (Sat), 18:11
misskitty wrote:
Does anyone know if there is an organization such as this suggestion from Wendy, in the USA?

.... or Canada??

8th of December 2003 (Mon), 18:08
What says you can't sell them in the UK? The pound is worth more than the US Dollar! This gets a little weird!
Right, on www.xe.com (a currency converter) the Great Britain Pound (henceforth GBP) is worth $1.73! Now, because Banks are greedy, the likely exchange rate today would be about $1.78-$1.80ish. Going backwards from GBP to $, you get about $1.70-$1.75ish to the GBP. To me that's 70% more money for free! I recon you would be daft not to go that way. The lowest I've seen it is like $1.40 to the GBP. You really can't loose, and well, I'm in the US military, stationed here in England and that's how I know about all this stuff. I have like tons of experience swapping money, and even back home, the exchange for the Canuck Buck when I was back home.

Does this make sense, if not I'd be happy to clarify what's confusing.

Hope this is of great use to you...

19th of December 2003 (Fri), 00:09
Probably the secret is to get shots and then approach the most likely people who will want them for the subject they contain. Specialist magazines are always looking for new stuff - not alot of money but it gets you started.

20th of December 2003 (Sat), 14:49
I've just tried takeapic.com
There is no storage fee for uploading your images (I have about 1.5GB's worth up there) and they will be opening for business in January. It costs absolutely nothing to keep your images there, takeapic just take a percentage of each sale.

Steve Saunders,
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