View Full Version : That was a touch wet...

Incomplete Pete
9th of April 2006 (Sun), 13:53
Today's action from the superbikes was pretty wet, made for some interesting shots!

Rutter and Harris fighting for the lead, but fell foul of the wet weather.

Lavilla chases Scott Smart but is caught by his team mate and settles for 3rd place.



Lavilla's dominant pace throughout the weekend failed to unfold come the second race.

But it seems the cold was the cause for the lack of pace...

9th of April 2006 (Sun), 20:33
Nice shots. I really like how you can see the spray coming off the lead bike's tire in the fourth picture.

9th of April 2006 (Sun), 20:50
The 2nd to last shot of rider number 1 on a corner -with those eyes- is a cracker imho. STTW. straight to the wall!

10th of April 2006 (Mon), 07:10
Hi Pete,

I watched the races on Sky last night. The conditions were unbelieveably bad and your photos capture that. The last shot of Lavilla is a classic. When he was interviewed he said that his hands were so cold he couldn't feel the brake lever for the last few laps.

It was nice to see Scott Smart winning.

Incomplete Pete
10th of April 2006 (Mon), 11:39
Thanks for the comments!

I actually was hoping the weather would be worse as it made for some dramatic pictures! I ended up picking the wrong area to shoot from really, a mate of mine shot exit of the final corner and nailed a sweet shot of one of the Rizla Suzuki's flipping it's rider off and Jonathan Rea swerving around it; that shot wound its way into far too many papers! lol