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31st of August 2003 (Sun), 03:15
Hello, today I was visiting some old friends and wanted to show them some movies and pictures I had taken a few months ago with my G3. I had thought I could just reload them back onto the CF card from the computer and show them in playback mode, but they didn't show up at all. Will the camera only show pictures in batches? Or do I have to rename the pictures?

31st of August 2003 (Sun), 10:25
As for still images (not sure about video) you can NOT transfer *edited* images TO the camera using Zoombrowser. You can transfer them with a card reader I think. I'm having the same problem.

See this thread on the same topic:

31st of August 2003 (Sun), 11:38
Just a thought...

So far, I have been downloading from camera's CF card through a card reader. If I start uploading images from PC to CF card, do I need to worry about PC virus that might hit my camera's software?

31st of August 2003 (Sun), 16:12
Yeah, I have a card reader, and on a whim I tried putting an MPEG Simpson's episode on the Cf card and seeing if it'd boot up on the G3. It didn't work, but I then tried to just put an old image, completely untouched by Photoshop or anything else, with the original name, and that didn't show up either. Since I was using the card reader, I tried the drag-and-drop method, but that didn't work, and neither did zoombrowser. So...no one knows anything else? I looked at the earlier thread and it seems like everyone was just skirting around the question.

And I kinda doubt the CF card would be able to transfer a virus to your camera. It would have no place to replicate itself, and probably doesn't run nearly the same way a whole computer does.

4th of September 2003 (Thu), 08:20

I regularly use my card reader to upload images back onto the CF card so that I can use the G3 connected to a TV to present what we have taken.

There are a few things that need to be noted:

1: you must not change the name of the image that the camera sets - note that zoom browser will change image names as it downloads them. This means that in order to keep life simple, you need to grab the files directly from the card with your CF reader.

2: You can make changes to the photo, but not to the photo dimensions (It is possible but I had a lot of problems with this)

3: When uploading mpeg files you need to upload the thumbnail file for it as well - the file will have the same name as the mpeg file but with a thm extension (i think as I dont have the camera or files in front of me - sorry) I have not managed to successfully upload edited mpeg files onto the camera.

When you upload the files you must maintain the directory structure that the camera creates, you cannot simply dump the files on the card. If you are starting from a blank card you need to create a 'dcim' directory on the card. Inside that directory you need to create another one called something like '118CANON' - again I need to check this.

Alternatively insert the blank card into the camera and take a single photo (which you can delete later). This will create all the necessary structures for you. Find the jpg image you have just taken and copy all the images that you want to upload back onto the camera into the same directory.

Sorry if this seems a little confusing. It would help if I had the camera in front of me. :-)



-- Sorry when I said mpeg I meant AVI.

4th of September 2003 (Thu), 12:06
There is a utility called TV Viewer that will allow you to copy edited images from your PC BACK to the G3 for viewing and presumably for printing at a local kiosk, etc.
Check this site (the program is not free, however.)

4th of September 2003 (Thu), 14:38

I can't imagine that you can transfer a MPEG (or MPG) to the Canon, the Canon only encodes in .avi format. I'm assuming that the camera can only play back avi encoded video. It takes pretty good processing power to decode mpg video streams.

Even within the avi format there exists various differences. Some avi's you can play back, some you can't. You might be able to upload any type of avi but I suspect there's limitations here too.

Finally, regarding a virus, that's not possible. A virus is just software that has dependencies. Most well known viruses (whatever virus in plural is...) need a Microsoft OS and a MIcrosoft mail program. The G3 hardware and limited ROM software couldn't possibly be threatened by any virus that isn't explicitly designed to attack the G3... which would be an odd thing to do!

You can transfer files back and forth on your CF card and not worry about threats to your G3.