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1st of May 2006 (Mon), 15:28
I think you get the idea :lol:

1st of May 2006 (Mon), 15:31
Lol. Just when I was getting my second wind.

I'm still well chuffed that I remember Alexander Bains name from a primary school trip. :)

You're just jealous that we created your bank

The Bank of England was founded by the Scotsman William Paterson, in 1694 to act as the English government's banker. He proposed a loan of 1.2m to the government; in return the subscribers would be incorporated as The Governor and Company of the Bank of England with banking privileges including the issue of notes. The Royal Charter was granted on July 27, 1694. Public finances were in so dire a condition at the time that the terms of the loan were that it was to be serviced at a rate of 8% per annum, and there was also a service charge of 4000 per annum for the management of the loan. The first governor was Sir John Houblon, who is depicted in the 50 note issued in 1990. The charter was renewed in 1742, 1764, and 1781. The Bank was originally constructed above the ancient Temple of Mithras, London at Walbrook, dating to the founding of Londinium in antiquity by Roman garrisons. Mithras was, among other things, considered the god of contracts, a fitting association for the Bank. In 1734 the Bank moved to its current location on Threadneedle Street, slowly acquiring the land to create the edifice seen today.

1st of May 2006 (Mon), 15:35
Ahh but it's not my bank.

If it were my bank i'd be sunning myself on my private island in the Carribean ;)

1st of May 2006 (Mon), 15:39
This is true.

If it was my bank, I'd buy Cadwell Park, and make various offers that couldn't be refused to all the Ferrari FXX owners, and have my own little version of Wacky Races....

1st of May 2006 (Mon), 17:46

.....I'll get me coat.