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9th of January 2002 (Wed), 17:16
1. Would you like to have a "buy/sell/where to buy tips" board here?

2. Would you like to have a board for "other canon compact digital cameras" which would mean A10, A20, IXUS, S20, S30, S40 etc?

This can be replied by non-registered visitors, too.

Cecil Walker
9th of January 2002 (Wed), 18:19

I would like to see a buy/sell/where to buy area. It would be a good way to pick up equipment from people you're already familiar with...


Don Ellis
10th of January 2002 (Thu), 01:11
The buy/sell forum would be welcome. And I can't imagine that the other Canon users wouldn't benefit from a forum of their own -- if I owned one of those cameras, I'd like someone to talk to :)

10th of January 2002 (Thu), 09:04
Ok, done.

Don Ellis
10th of January 2002 (Thu), 20:01
Two replies and done, eh?

I like a man who doesn't rely on too much market research before deciding what's best. :)

11th of January 2002 (Fri), 03:59
Well I had a few more opinions too, by email. I needed to get this done (I've got a vast todo list on my table) as on sunday I'm going to a tour and still have no portable PC yet.

Of course it can be undone, too :)

13th of January 2003 (Mon), 07:44
How about "older" cameras too E.g PowerShot A50, etc.
great forum incidently.

27th of January 2003 (Mon), 15:04
Pekka how about a technical problems board where people with eg. D60 focus problems can vent their fustration and if you get enough of the same problem you can E-mail them to Canon for an explanation.

9th of February 2003 (Sun), 14:59
I'd really like to see something that concentrated more on "photo critique". I'm not sure what but I have noticed some people are unhappy with the participation in the critique forum.
I have also seen a member from here on another site give negative feedback about this site and about that one particular issue.
I like this site very much and would hate to see it's member participation dwindle and move to xxxxxxxx because someone from here is posting bad publicity on other sites.

9th of February 2003 (Sun), 18:59
conk wrote:
I'd really like to see something that concentrated more on "photo critique". I'm not sure what but I have noticed some people are unhappy with the participation in the critique forum.

Considering there is nearly 7000 members now its surprising how little activity there is, I know what it is like though, often I register for a forum and then don't go back there.

What do you think about a voting system not unlike photo.net's but perhaps with 5 stars (or whatever, I'm not that creative :P ) and have maybe 3 or 4 categories ie. technical merit, style, artistic value or whatever, this is only an idea btw not that any of you would flame me.


9th of February 2003 (Sun), 19:59
Actually forum activity has tripled in last 6 months, and there many "guests" are lurking around - so if you do not get comments it does not mean your works won't be be seen. In general, amount of views per message is quite comparable with other more "generalized" and "popular" forums.

It IS a worrying trend that photo commenting and deep discussion is dying slowly off in other sites too (even in dpreview) and people concentrate mostly on technical discussions.

10th of February 2003 (Mon), 07:39
I would still like to see something done to help pick up the critique forum. Jamie has an idea that I think is worth reviewing.
You are right Pekka on the amount of views and I've noticed it too but it would be nice to make it easier for viewers to give feedback. Anonymity maybe? Just a thought.

10th of February 2003 (Mon), 15:03
conk wrote:
I would still like to see something done to help pick up the critique forum.

I think Canon should give Pekka some serious money! This site has been wonderful free advertising for them, and is much more informative than anything Canon itself has done.

To boost activity on the Critique and Share Photos boards, I would love to see Canon sponsor a weekly or monthly photo contest, with prizes and professional judges who critique the images. It would be easy to implement, low cost for Canon (offset by increased sales), and Pekka would make out like a bandit. (Canon would fund the cost of the site, of course!)

I am not sure the anonymous point-scoring system is a great learning tool. If someone on photo.net gives me 6 points out of 7 for aesthetics but doesn't leave a comment, then that doesn't help me improve my shots. That said, anything that gets more photos on these boards would be welcome.

That's my two pennies' worth.

10th of February 2003 (Mon), 18:00
Great idea Mitch.
On the anonymity idea of mine what I had in mind wasn't a point system but rather give feedback anonymously.

10th of February 2003 (Mon), 19:33
I'm not sure how valuable anonymity would be, for somethings I'm sure it would be great. Like leaving a comment if you're not overly confident or technically minded but I was wondering if it may lead to anonymous flaming, I think most of the people here are fairly sensible though (myself excluded of course *giggle*)

I love the idea of a contest too, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? I'm sure Canon would come to the party. Not that they need to be paid prizes but I'm sure the cost of extra bandwidth would be rather prohibitive. Just from my minor posts on here the page views on my site has added an extra 100mb from pictures in the last month.

It would be interesting especially limiting it to only Canon based digitals. But its also a lot of work for an already over worked Finnish Lad :)