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31st of May 2006 (Wed), 11:17
Everything went pretty good for my first shoot.

It was an outdoor wedding with only about 70 guests. There was no bridal party other than best man and MoH (which was also the mom). There was also no garter toss and no bouquet toss and the Bride didn't even wear a veil so I didn't have to worry about messing those shot up ;)

Here's a few of my favorites:









Critique & Comments appreciated.


31st of May 2006 (Wed), 15:05
Great stuff, but a few constructive comments from my viewpoint. The cropping is uneven on a few of the shots, especially noticeable on the ones under the trellis. I would clone out the shiny parts of the girls faces on pic 4, other than that great lighting that is even across both girls... Very good work my friend...

31st of May 2006 (Wed), 15:53
Thanks for the comments. The uneven cropping was "sort of" intentional. I cropped all these in a 4x6 format as requested by the client but left some excess room so they could be cropped at 5x7 and 8x10 if wanted (client wanted to print all at 4x6 and several at larger sizes). but as I'm typing this, i just realized I should have centered these more and then just cropped off both sides to get 8x10 rather than one side.

Oh well, that's why I like photography. There's always something still to be learned.

31st of May 2006 (Wed), 21:11
Nice :) #4 really pops out, was there any post done to achieve this? For the foot shot i'd get a bit closer, or crop, and try B&W. To the cake shot try something a bit different next time - try taking the shot from above, or taking a shot of say half of the cake (split vertically) and something in the background. #2 is a little odd. Good work :)

1st of June 2006 (Thu), 02:53
Nice work, John. One little issue with the bride's shoe picture... she has something stuffed in the back of her heel that should probably be cloned out.

1st of June 2006 (Thu), 08:18
I actually like the traditional shot of the cake, maybe some cropping but its a nice cake and i think it needs to be photographed at full view - i guess a few different views would be cool but this one i think is great.
The shoe one could do better in B&W or sepia and i think the same with the tying up of the dress :)
Number 2 - whats he doing? lol is that an attempt to "GET OUT" haha! I think its fun if he looked a bit mroe scared or anxious HAHA


1st of June 2006 (Thu), 11:11
On #4, there was no PS to make them pop out. I just had them stand a few feet away from the window, set the apeture to 2.8 and used a flash for fill.

I'll have to convert the shoe and the dress tying to B&W and Sepia to see how they look but the bride only wanted color pics.

I'm not sure if I'd like the cake shot at a different angle or split but I'll see if I can find some examples somewhere to see if I like the effect. Maybe if there was a better background or a more intricate cake, some different angles would work.

I saw that little thing on her shoe as well but figured it was supposed to be there. I just assumed it was part of the style (i'm not really into women's shoes ;) ). But I agree, cloning it out would probably look better anyways.

Thanks for the comments. Every little bit helps :)

Oh, and #2 as just a fun shot. He was really nervous that he was going to somehow fall so I was happy to just get what I did.