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7th of June 2006 (Wed), 11:14
I live on the east coast , Port St. Lucie to be exact. Any body else in this general area?......Brad

7th of June 2006 (Wed), 21:22
Gainesville, fl

8th of June 2006 (Thu), 00:55
Miami, Fl

10th of June 2006 (Sat), 22:27
Jacksonville, FL

Blue Deuce
12th of June 2006 (Mon), 09:46
Orlando, but I travel the state in search of birds.

12th of June 2006 (Mon), 11:03
I am in Tallahassee.

12th of June 2006 (Mon), 11:26
Another in Miami

Hey 300Dplus - where are ya neighbor? I am in Kendall. :D

12th of June 2006 (Mon), 11:45
Hey Richard, glad to see a fellow member in Kendall. I'm a few blocks off 107 Ave and Kendall Dr. Where abouts are you?
Coincidentally, I took a look at your webpage the other day. Nice pictures!

12th of June 2006 (Mon), 12:58
Thanks for the compliment. I just PMed you with contact info!

13th of June 2006 (Tue), 00:43
South Miami area.

13th of June 2006 (Tue), 01:24
Hi Carol, glad to see another one from the neighborhood :D

14th of June 2006 (Wed), 23:03
It figures, I start the thread and everybody is finding someone near them but me:( Maybe we could all work on setting up a meet someday in a fairly central place......

14th of June 2006 (Wed), 23:52
That sounds like a good idea Brad. Port St. Lucie sounds like a good place with the river and all. Next chance going up north, I'll PM you in advance.

15th of June 2006 (Thu), 07:09
Southwest of Orlando, but I travel from Jacksonville to Miami for work fairly often.

Feel free to post you favorite locations to go shooting, I will probably be passing by at some point soon!

In my neck of the woods I like to visit Lake Louisa State Park and Hillsboro River State Park. Recent trips have given me the chance to stop by Cape Florida Light, South Beach at Night, Butterfly World, St. Augustine Light House and Ponce Inlet Light ... all recommended if you are in the appropriate area.


15th of June 2006 (Thu), 07:44

A Florida get-together sounds great to me, but maybe we should wait a few months. Given the fun we had last year with visitors like Katrina, Rita and Wilma, I think it might be better to plan an event sometime after the storm season.

Any good photo location works for me. Pick a spot and I will try to be there!

- Richard

16th of June 2006 (Fri), 09:48
Yes, at any time a storm strikes I could be sent away for work to do video of the damage and hurricanes. I get to stay in safe spots, but I would still have to make the trip.

If I was going to go very far, sanibel island might be my choice. A guided (private) tour of mariana caverns would be nice also, so we could get some long exposures. Paynes Prarie or itchtuknee around here would be the best.

The keys are just tooo far.

16th of June 2006 (Fri), 22:45
I agree that the fall may be the best time for the first time. This gives us ample opportunity to try and choose a location somewhat centralized.

16th of June 2006 (Fri), 22:46
Sounds good Tom...

19th of June 2006 (Mon), 01:05
Yeah- and its not quite as hot in the fall!
I'll be in Miami tomorrow, flying home after 2 weeks in the northwest.

21st of June 2006 (Wed), 11:13
Palm Bay Florida here.

23rd of June 2006 (Fri), 10:08
Hi all - Clermont (west of Orlando) here - and very interested in a meet or any information y'all have about photo classes in the Orlando/Lake County area. I will keep an eye on this thread...thanks!! Tim.

24th of June 2006 (Sat), 01:53
I live in Gainesville, FL

24th of June 2006 (Sat), 07:48
Naples here, everytime I can (not too much lately, I must say).

25th of June 2006 (Sun), 19:56
I'm in West Palm Beach, FL.

25th of June 2006 (Sun), 20:20
Boca Raton, PSL really isn't that far. Count me in on a group meet!

26th of June 2006 (Mon), 00:11
Well, as of today we have 14 Floridians in the mix. Lets all start throwing some ideas in the pot as far as a good meeting place goes, and maybe shoot for a October get together?

26th of June 2006 (Mon), 00:11
Of course anyone that wants to meet up sooner just say the word...

26th of June 2006 (Mon), 08:38
Ok here are a couple of ideas to start things off.

Everglades National Park (yeah...I know that's south)

Merrit Island Preserve (yeah....I know thats north. Maybe we can get some good group access?)

Ding Darling onSanibel Island (yeah...... I know thats west)

26th of June 2006 (Mon), 13:12
October is still a bit early for Everglades Natl Park... still more mosquitoes than gators. Dec - Jan - Feb is prime.

Sanibel makes a lot of sense to me. As discussed above, we just have to watch the storms, or wait until later in the year.

2nd of July 2006 (Sun), 18:35
St Pete area...

2nd of July 2006 (Sun), 19:08
Naples here, everytime I can (not too much lately, I must say).
Another Naples resident. Rob what area of Naples are you?

2nd of July 2006 (Sun), 19:10
Hey, ive been waiting forever for someone to ask, but to lazy to ask myself. I currently live in the keys, but am going to be going to the univsity of miami this fall.

2nd of July 2006 (Sun), 19:14
hmm... whats everyones emfactuation with sanibel about? ive been there before, although before i was into photography, did i miss something great? cause im going back there later this month, so any heads up on cool things to shoot would be great. Im up for anything as long as it doesnt take too long to get there. everglades sounds great sometime when the skeeters are gone.

2nd of July 2006 (Sun), 21:43
Hey, ive been waiting forever for someone to ask, but to lazy to ask myself. I currently live in the keys, but am going to be going to the univsity of miami this fall.


Undergrad or one of the grad schools?

2nd of July 2006 (Sun), 22:15
undergrad. and GO CANES! is right, i cant wait

3rd of July 2006 (Mon), 13:23
There are some great critter shots to be found at either Shark Valley or Anhinga Trail.

5th of July 2006 (Wed), 20:36
I live in Gainesville, FL
That makes two of us. I used to work at Flair Lab (harmons). DO we know eachother?

5th of July 2006 (Wed), 20:54
Coral Springs here.

8th of July 2006 (Sat), 19:21
Ocala here. Gosh no one really close. I wouldnt mind a couple hour drive...but would need to be at least half a day thing to drive that long.

pm me when we know where and when to get together and shoot.

8th of July 2006 (Sat), 23:55
Everyone needs to keep adding their suggestions for some good locales, and we can vote in the early fall..

3rd of August 2006 (Thu), 12:37
I live near Daytona Beach, well in the middle of daytona and Orlando. The Ponce inlet lighthouse is always a nice place to go and take pics. it's more a beach scene around that area though. some of the jetties are nice too. there are a lot of springs in FL. I went to silver glen springs (not silver springs) the other day and if I had a better camera I would have loved to take some pics.

15th of August 2006 (Tue), 22:08
Tampa for me...

15th of August 2006 (Tue), 23:10
just east of Tampa

18th of August 2006 (Fri), 11:28

18th of August 2006 (Fri), 11:51
I get up to Stuart some weekends-
And love the west coast of Florida, just don't have great excuse to go, and I like to make it to church Sunday mornings

18th of August 2006 (Fri), 15:21
Another from Gainesville here. I am just getting started in this mad world, so I am willing to get together and try to learn whenever.

21st of August 2006 (Mon), 08:48
Somewhere near Ocala National Forrest? Should be able to find critters, plants, landscapes, a little bit of something for everyone!

22nd of August 2006 (Tue), 09:17
Actually, yes my house is very close to the forest. There is also Payne's Prarie which is full of wildlife as well. I just have to learn how to capture all of this good stuff. Come to think of it there are quite a few photo spots around G-ville.

22nd of August 2006 (Tue), 09:42
Palm Bay here

22nd of August 2006 (Tue), 21:15
Jacksonville here. :)

24th of August 2006 (Thu), 03:30
Port St. Lucie here

27th of August 2006 (Sun), 00:27
It's nice to see someone else from Port St. Lucie....

3rd of September 2006 (Sun), 15:10
Another Port St. Lucian here.

3rd of September 2006 (Sun), 15:25
so guys the fall is coming up on us quite quickly. should we start talking about putting the meet together?

3rd of September 2006 (Sun), 19:47
West Palm Beach here

14th of September 2006 (Thu), 23:25
I think it would be a great idea to get to gether who is coordinating this whole thing? :)

14th of September 2006 (Thu), 23:33
i dont know, we talked about it a few pages back. i think if its goint to happen this winter we should talk about it soon. im on a cruise over Christmas, and im busy with exams before that, but mabye we can work out some weekend meet.

15th of September 2006 (Fri), 09:03
miramar here. for those who don't know, it's just nort of miami.

go canes...

7th of October 2006 (Sat), 19:50
Just joined the Canon camp a couple weeks ago (a D30 found me at a thrift shop) and asked in another thread if any other SoFloridians might be interested in meeting...and was directed here...nice to see there's a crowd...I'm in West Palm...so if you folks haven't met and would like to, count me in...

Have now read all the postings...we seem to have a lot in the 'hood...don't know if anyone has attended the fotofusion in Delray Beach in Januarys but it's a week of classes (expensive) and cheap 'community events' i.e. $5 workshops for those of us who'd rather spend $300 on a lens...I've attended a few of the "freebies" over the years, when I knew absoLUTEly nothing, and it was helpful...the new brochure is now on-line (despite the message that the one there is last year's...) you can also have them mail you one......MY BAD...the cover is 07, the info is 06!
maybe we could meet there for one of them...it'd be nice to meet ya...

8th of October 2006 (Sun), 23:39
Tallahassee here. Looking to met local photographers. That would be my focal point. :cool:

15th of October 2006 (Sun), 15:04
im busy with exams before that, but mabye we can work out some weekend meet.

I vote for that- Ill host it in Port St. Lucie !

16th of October 2006 (Mon), 20:57
I vote for that- Ill host it in Port St. Lucie !

That is very gracious of you.

I don't have much experience with Canon and digiSLRs and would be just sponging up all your expertise folks, but I look forward to making the drive up from West Palm and meeting with you all...

17th of October 2006 (Tue), 16:23
Based in the Orlando area, near the Wekiva River. Hope to meet you all some day. BobCat

17th of October 2006 (Tue), 16:42
Tampa, here.

Originally from the Palm Beach Gardens area. Moved here for school.


17th of October 2006 (Tue), 23:29
Count me in if we do any sort of Port St. Lucie get-together!

18th of October 2006 (Wed), 00:42
boca raton here

22nd of October 2006 (Sun), 11:22

28th of October 2006 (Sat), 17:25
West Palm Beach here

29th of October 2006 (Sun), 09:32
Anyone thinking of going to Fotofusion in Delray?

29th of October 2006 (Sun), 09:58
I live in DeLand -- about 25 miles west of Daytona Beach. Somewhere in central Florida would be the most convenient meeting area for me. Suggestions: Canaveral National Sea Shores, Kennedy Space Center, St. Augustine, and St. Johns River on a pontoon boat.

30th of October 2006 (Mon), 21:16
Hi Gang, My first post. Been messing around the photo world about 60 years.
I still rank myself a rank amatuer. Been using Nikon film gear for 15 years.
I have deceided to jump ship & am now looking to set up a Canon system.
Forgive me I ramble, the subject was location.
Central West Florida. Along the "Withlacoochie River"
Glad to meet all you people.
George alias "MacktheKnife" another expensive habit.

30th of October 2006 (Mon), 21:38
George, welcome to POTN and the Floridians post. Did you buy the 30D yet? It is a great camera, even for an old timer Nik*n user;) :D

2nd of November 2006 (Thu), 12:28
I live near the Fort Myers area but visit Port St. Lucie and Vero Beach occassionally as I have family from there :]

25th of November 2006 (Sat), 09:39
Hey, I just found this thread. I think I'm the third or fourth West Palm Beacher. I try to get out and shoot a sunrise on the weekend. Anyone interested?

25th of November 2006 (Sat), 15:27
Orlando! East Orlando near UCF. I'll be here for most of the month of Decemeber 2006.

25th of November 2006 (Sat), 18:00
sooooooooo..... are we going to plan a florida meeting sometime????

25th of November 2006 (Sat), 20:29
sooooooooo..... are we going to plan a florida meeting sometime????

Come up with a cool location!

27th of November 2006 (Mon), 15:15
Hi Floridian POTNers, I'll be looking for some shooting in and around downtown Orlando sometime over the 19th to 22nd dec. Just wondering if any of you locals would care to join me and show me the sights...in any case me and the wife will be wandering around. Since you've been looking for an excuse to meet up, perhaps we might even schedule a POTN gathering around the occasion, who knows? :)

Feel free to PM me to exchange cell numbers

28th of November 2006 (Tue), 12:22
I would join you, but I am flying to Indiana from 21-28.

28th of November 2006 (Tue), 19:45
That's a pity...aren't there other Orlandoians (Orlandites?)

Or at least recommend where you would go to capture a sense of the city

29th of November 2006 (Wed), 16:10
That's a pity...aren't there other Orlandoians (Orlandites?)

Or at least recommend where you would go to capture a sense of the city

Well, the skyline in Orlando sucks / isn't really a skyline. The best place to capture it is by Lake Eola (the big lake downtown), or on a large parking garage such as the Florida Hosptial garage.

Are those the only dates available? I might be able to do it on the 19th or 20th depending on time arriving and where you're staying while you're here.

29th of November 2006 (Wed), 17:16
20th sounds good, I'll be there till the 27th though..

2nd of December 2006 (Sat), 19:42
Hi, my name is Bonny and I'm directly behind the Magic Kingdom on Reams Road. The majority of my photography get's done there. I just got my first DSLR (S2 IS) and am so excited. My husband works dor Disney. My daughter MJ is almost 6, adopted at birth and is medically fragile and developmentally delayed (you can read about her in the link in my signature if you like) I was diagnosed with arthritis, sjogren's syndrome and fibromyalgia when she was 8.5 months old. She and I both have some limited mobility and use wheelchairs for any real distance. I would be excited to meet others, I don't know a lot of ppl here in FL (been here, orlando, less than a year and in FL less than 3)

I am brand new to photography. I had a small sony cybershot and out of the blue someone sent me this beautiful S2 IS. I took about 400 pics this weekend and am eagrly reading boards and waiting for books from the library to learn more.

Okay, enough jabbering from me.....

3rd of December 2006 (Sun), 15:28
Located in MetroWest area of Orlando. I am an amatuer and would love to meet others with the same interests and hopefully pick up some pointers.

Would be a pleasure to meet others and swap stories too. Let us know if you come up with a meeting place for the 19th........................

3rd of December 2006 (Sun), 20:52
I am in Martin County... east coast, just north of Palm Beach

3rd of December 2006 (Sun), 21:53
I'll be putting up at Maitland for the duration of my visit, and I'm really lookin forward to meeting with you guys! Matt, what's a nice place to gather at on the 20th Dec (wednesday)?

5th of December 2006 (Tue), 15:32
I'm going to school in Jacksonville. Going back to Vermont this week for winter break till January. If some people from Jacksonville wanna get together sometime after that just let me know.

5th of December 2006 (Tue), 19:40
So it looks like Bonny, Matt, and Wahoo are possibilities, anyone else?

6th of December 2006 (Wed), 17:04
Depending on the timing I may have my daughter with me, is that ok?

9th of December 2006 (Sat), 17:54
Sure, I'd love to meet her! Any other Orlandites game for the 20th?

9th of December 2006 (Sat), 20:29
I live near the Fort Myers area but visit Port St. Lucie and Vero Beach occassionally as I have family from there :] Cape Coral for me.

10th of December 2006 (Sun), 23:12
Sure, I'd love to meet her! Any other Orlandites game for the 20th?

Great! Anyone else in?

11th of December 2006 (Mon), 10:23
I would not go so far as to say the skyline in Orlando sucks. It is not NYC or Seattle or SF - but with a little motivation - there can be some decent images - IMHO. Art - and others - are you still planning a meet for around the 20th?? I will check back now that I know it might be a plan. If you are staying in Maitland - there is a place called Crane's Roost Park - you can googlemap or PM me for directions - that might be nice. Some Christmas decorations - wildlife - decent sunrise. Not sure what you like to shoot - I like sunrise/nature/wildlife/opportunity shooting - still a rookie!! Anyway - let me know about the 20th -- sounds like fun!!

11th of December 2006 (Mon), 12:44
Looking good so far, it's:
1. Matt
2. MommytoMJ
3. NetDep
4. Arthur (me) and Vera (other half)

Anyone else in? Where's a good place to meet, i.e. can park our cars for free?

13th of December 2006 (Wed), 22:24
netdep, i like the bird shots on your gallery!

Perhaps you can suggest a photogenic meeting spot where we can take pictures while waiting for whoever will show up to show up?

17th of December 2006 (Sun), 16:44
Thanks for the kind words!! Most of the birds - other than the eagles from Alaska - were taken at Lake Adair, Concord Lake or Dudley Park - both lakes are within a block of one another and the Park is the park around Concord. From Maitland - would be easy to take Forest City Road (434) to Edgewater and go south til just past the College Park area -- the lakes/park are obvious -- and quite nice and safe (minimal street encounters) -- also a nice Starbuck's on the way on Edgewater Drive. Early in the morning - I would suggest the Starbuck's on Edgewater Drive. Not sure if I can make it - was not paying attention that it was a weekday - but will if I can get coverage. Please keep me advised on progress. Lots of birds - great sunrises - and a nice walk - look for sunrise about 0645 to be there for good light - Starbuck's opens at 0600. Thanks!!

18th of December 2006 (Mon), 15:34
Thanks for the suggestions Netdep! I'll definitely want to check out the Edgewater area you mentioned.

We'll be out and about on the 20th, my cell is 857-544-2858 for those who want to meet up someplace, or feel free to text me more suggestions for photo-spots in Orlando!

22nd of December 2006 (Fri), 19:05
Greetings from the Sunshine state!

Haven't met anyone here yet, but had a great time in Gatorland :D

more here:


1st of January 2007 (Mon), 00:35
I'm moving to Orlando Saturday.

1st of January 2007 (Mon), 20:56
Anyone going to the photographers seminar that will be in Orlando on Feb 5th?

2nd of January 2007 (Tue), 20:01
The seminar in Orlando is on Feb 5th, which is on a Monday. Here is the link for those that are interested.


2nd of January 2007 (Tue), 20:30
probably not. But i will be near or around orlando on the 3rd of february for a car show.

2nd of January 2007 (Tue), 21:49
Trisha - thanks for posting the link. Are you attending? Seems to be geared for the pro but might be interesting for anyone that ever has hopes of getting into the "game."

Greg Brakefield
7th of January 2007 (Sun), 22:02
Hi All, it's been a long time since I've posted here.

Like NetDep, I also live in Clermont. Bird photography is my favorite with Macro a close second. With all the surrounding lakes I get plenty of shots. One of my favorite photography spots in Central Florida is Harry P. Lue Gardens (http://www.leugardens.org/). They have an incredible variety of plants and flowers and the scenery is beautiful. Another place I like to visit is Lake Morton in Lakeland. Depending on the time of the year you will find egrets, herons, numerous varieties of ducks, geese,swans, and an occasional roseate spoonbill.

This is a great thread - hope to meet some of you one day!

Greg Brakefield

13th of January 2007 (Sat), 15:08
Hey everyone, sorry that MJ and I weren't able to do the meet on the 20th, it was family and holiday he double hockeysticks here...now that we are onto the new year, anyone want to have a meet up? I can do any days except Tue/Wed (the DH's days off)

14th of January 2007 (Sun), 00:35
Posted below but a reminder here...FOTOFUSION IN DELRAY BEACH...

Anyone going?

Palm Beach Photographic Center
55 NE Second Avenue
Delaray Beach, FL 33444

The classes are $$$ but the community events are just $10.
I'm planning on attending some/maybe all of these:
Canon hands-on demo @ 11:15 and @ 4 (for me)
@ 1 is a lecture by a Time photog
@ 3:30 on traveling with a Digicam
@ 5 is PP demo using Nik software
EOS demo FREE @ 9am

17th of January 2007 (Wed), 16:07
I've been at this store and they have the highest prices on equipment I've seen. Has anyone gone to this fotofusion empty handed? One way to generate business I quess.

19th of January 2007 (Fri), 00:08
If anyone is interested, there is this "South Beach Photomarathon" on March 18. Sounds like a fun day to spend taking pictures and being creative and you get to mingle with all kinds of photographers.
See the details here: http://www.fotomission.org/2007photomarathon/2007photomarathon.htm

19th of January 2007 (Fri), 12:15
Well I went to fotofusion to see what the reps had...and they really did come unprepared...didn't even have a 50 F1.4...oh they did have the 1.2..."we thought people would want to see the exotics..." the rep said...

and they had but one body of each model (with vert. grips on them) for the crowd to look at so it was pretty useless..as for the 1.2...not very useful for general use...the outsized build would make it less steadily held than a 1.4 (a half-stop) so it is most useful for tripod shots in very low light situations...

when a 80+ yr old lady asked the rep to show her how to use her p/s cam the rep sarcastically replied, "Haven't you read the manual..." I wanted to
slap her wise a$$..."

The photojournalism slideshow presentation I saw was pretty good tho...

19th of January 2007 (Fri), 13:32
The photomarathon actually sounds like it might be a lot of fun - and a challenge - especially for someone not all that familiar with the area! If anyone from the Orlando/Central Florida area is thinking about going --- maybe carpool or team might be fun??? Just some thoughts -- takers?? Post here or e-mail/pm me....Thanks!! Tim and thanks to 300D Plus for posting this - I never would have found it....

21st of January 2007 (Sun), 14:08
I don't think I'll attend the seminars mentioned above, but I'd be interested in a day shooting at the airport or local wildlife area. I'm new to the area so I don't have any knowledge of what's out there.

20th of February 2007 (Tue), 08:01
Looks like the thread needs to be refreshed!

I'm in Safety Harbor (W side of Tampa Bay).


22nd of February 2007 (Thu), 19:16
Ft. Lauderdale

24th of February 2007 (Sat), 09:35
Ft. Lauderdale here as well

24th of February 2007 (Sat), 12:41
I'm in Lakeland. I'd be up for the Photomarathon. I'm only an hour from Orlando or Tampa and I actually have that day off so carpool much???

24th of February 2007 (Sat), 15:36
vero beach area here :)

7th of March 2007 (Wed), 19:55

I am in Clearwater. Tampa Area for others.

1st of April 2007 (Sun), 12:13
Brian New to the Board
Is there anywhere people meat on weekend and shoot pictures.?

2nd of April 2007 (Mon), 01:32
Fort Walton Beach, Florida, we should get a good photo meet together. I would love to meet and learn from you guys! I live on the panhandle so it would take HOURS to get into central or even south florida. So anyone know a great spot more towards the north-central area we could all meet?

2nd of April 2007 (Mon), 07:54
Only thing in the iddle really is Ocala...there's nothing there really.

3rd of April 2007 (Tue), 09:21
Does anyone want to meet in orlando or tampa this saturday to shoot? Suggestions of best places to shoot around these areas? I always endup going to the same beach or zoo.

3rd of April 2007 (Tue), 10:44
Floridian checking in!

Mark <- Ft. Lauderdale, FL

3rd of April 2007 (Tue), 17:30
I would but I'm going to St. Augustine this weekend sorry. What about...nvm. I'm busy next weekend. There's this lake in Lakeland (go figure) great place to shoot for birds and gators. Nicknamed Gator Lake, um can't think of the name but it's near Southeastern Uni....Lake Hancock i believe. Between Orlando and Tampa so ya can't beat that.

4th of April 2007 (Wed), 11:27
Lake Worth, FL (West Palm Beach area)

5th of April 2007 (Thu), 10:49
Miramar, FL - near the edge of the 'glades.

11th of April 2007 (Wed), 09:56
Miami resident- near St. Thomas University

18th of April 2007 (Wed), 15:43
From Clearwater (near tampa)

25th of April 2007 (Wed), 15:32

30th of April 2007 (Mon), 17:04
Ocala. There are a few things around here. Silver Springs, Rainbow Springs and several Equestrian events during the year, if you like horses. It is a beautiful area.

3rd of May 2007 (Thu), 13:49
BUMP! It's been a year and nothing has been done for a meet up!

3rd of May 2007 (Thu), 13:53
Who wants to organize one? We need location and time.

What's around here and central?

3rd of May 2007 (Thu), 14:33
Who wants to organize one? We need location and time.
that is the million dollar question(s)

4th of May 2007 (Fri), 08:37
does anybody have any suggestions on a location for the meetup? just to get things rolling. would be nice to have a meetup with fellow forum members.

4th of May 2007 (Fri), 09:00
Coral Springs here.
I live part time in coral springs (Heron Bay). I s there a camera club?

4th of May 2007 (Fri), 11:06
does anybody have any suggestions on a location for the meetup? just to get things rolling. would be nice to have a meetup with fellow forum members.

Mike -- another Miami guy here! send me a PM if you want to hook up for a shoot some time!

4th of May 2007 (Fri), 11:46
Ditto..I might come down to Miami if something is going on. Love Miami, might be working around there too.

4th of May 2007 (Fri), 11:55
Miami here as well..

4th of May 2007 (Fri), 13:29
Same invite to all Miami and South Florida POTNers -- I can't volunteer to set up a meet, there is just too much on my plate right now, but anyone wants to get together to shoot sometime please let me know.

6th of May 2007 (Sun), 16:43
sure, now that i move back home for summer everyone wants to meet up in miami! haha, well ill be there (if i can get off work) lets get a date going or something.

6th of May 2007 (Sun), 17:52
sure, now that i move back home for summer everyone wants to meet up in miami! haha, well ill be there (if i can get off work) lets get a date going or something.

Hey, I'm game also, but why don't we at least get a list of favorite places to shoot in our local areas, then maybe we can decide to set something up to meet at one of those places.

As for me, the local wetlands, and edge of the Glades are my favorites for birding. Also the beach front (Broward County and north), although haven't done much of that lately.

Billy, what's your favorite place to shoot down in the keys? (don't know if you remember me, but I'm the guy who sold you the 400mm :))


6th of May 2007 (Sun), 18:26
Billy, what's your favorite place to shoot down in the keys? (don't know if you remember me, but I'm the guy who sold you the 400mm :))

I sure do remember, and its a fantastic lens, and i still love it. Here in the keys, well theres stuff to shoot everywhere, but you really have to go by boat to get the best stuff, a large group would probably be much better served on the mainland.

7th of May 2007 (Mon), 00:12
Pembroke Pines here.


7th of May 2007 (Mon), 00:20
Any good hiking areas? Ya know, minus the trails...actual hikes.

7th of May 2007 (Mon), 10:11
I don't know. we need to get some of the west coast bird guys in this thread, they seem to have a lot of hot spots.

7th of May 2007 (Mon), 10:14
Yeah, could always go one an airboat over the glades. Although i've been close enought o gators lately...i think i'll suffice from a closer encounter.

8th of May 2007 (Tue), 21:38
Coral Springs (South Florida) - are there any groups in this area?

I mostly shoot Insect - birds - animals in general. I am looking to get a Macro soon. I am open to any shot as I need the experience

10th of May 2007 (Thu), 08:26
Orlando, FL - Naples, FL

12th of May 2007 (Sat), 23:30
Tampa, FL here.

13th of May 2007 (Sun), 20:51
checking in.
Miramar and University area...

15th of May 2007 (Tue), 12:28
checking in.
Miramar and University area...
Miramar And University.......we must be close.......
I live in Missionwood @ Miramar Townhouse