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SL Cheah
22nd of January 2002 (Tue), 21:12
Just completed my website and gallery. It contains my B&W and selective colored images. Do drop by and hope you enjoy the images.

My URL: www.DigitalSilverHalide.com

Warmest Regards,


22nd of January 2002 (Tue), 21:32

You have done a great job with your gallery. As a newbie to digital I will be back to track down your links and tips on digital pgotography.

While all of your photos are excellent, I especially loved the flower in the vase against the sun-lite wall.

Even so, I spent most of my time at "your lakes". I too have easy access to many wilderness lakes. I see them in their greens and blues in summer, and in B&W in winter. Now I have the urge to try something similar myself.

Do you recommend shooting with the image color set to B7W or going to gray scale in Photo Shop?

Thanks, Beautiful Photos


SL Cheah
24th of January 2002 (Thu), 02:17

I shoot all my images in color and then convert them using Photoshop channel mixer. Here's a good tutorial to start off: http://www.btinternet.com/~ian.lyons/tutorials/tutorial_2_1.htm



24th of January 2002 (Thu), 21:55
I like your B&W gallery, very well done.

Best Regards

20th of March 2002 (Wed), 02:20
Really excellent work.

I particularly like the images in Gallery 1 which are selectively colored.
They have given me lots of ideas. Thanks.

May I make a small suggestion ?

I would like to see your 2 galleries reversed.
B&W only in Gallery 1 and the colors in Gallery 2.

The colored images are so eye-catching that in Gallery 2
I find myself looking for the color.
A pity as the B&W's are great.

I'd like to see them before looking at the colored one.


SL Cheah
25th of March 2002 (Mon), 09:59
Hi Eland,

Thanks and will take you suggestion in consideration the next time I update my website.

Warmest Regards,


7th of May 2002 (Tue), 21:38
Nice and interesting pictures. Looking forward to new gallaries.