View Full Version : Some B+W shots about Newcastle

Jim G
9th of July 2006 (Sun), 04:54
Was wandering around Newcastle today and got these. The first two are of a pavillion thing near the skate park and the shoe is just a random one I found outside the old post office.





Random shoe.


9th of July 2006 (Sun), 07:03
I like the conversions, what method did you use? Funny I opened this thread expecting to see something from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England!

Jim G
9th of July 2006 (Sun), 08:46
I use the Gorman BW converter from http://www.atncentral.com/download.htm#BW_Conv and then modified curves to get the look I wanted. I find that this B+W converter is really, really good. Got it off someone else who recommended it in a post here a while back :)

9th of July 2006 (Sun), 13:31
The wall in the third one needs a time-out or, at the very least, a bit of clone-stamping. Such language! ;) :lol:
I love the first two shots and, IMO, they're perfect for B&W.

9th of July 2006 (Sun), 13:45
cool pictures

BTW: B+W is a brand of filters. Usually when people refer to black and white they say BW

9th of July 2006 (Sun), 13:54
lovely rhythm. last was a good foot.

Jim G
9th of July 2006 (Sun), 18:55
Thanks all :)

10th of July 2006 (Mon), 02:37
I like the first but not too hot for the rest! :)

Wye ai spuggy... oops, not that Newcastle! ;)

Jim G
10th of July 2006 (Mon), 04:46
Cool... Hahaha... nice avatar, Sando, I'm reading the Red Dwarf Omnibus at the moment :p

10th of July 2006 (Mon), 12:09
Wow, this is really strange. Either someone has put something in the microwave down the hall that really stinks or I can actually smell the odor from that old tennis shoe :shock: Nice shots!!


12th of July 2006 (Wed), 04:48
I once had the best chinese all you can eat in Newcastle, we went and sat on the clifftops and ate it there, great shots, I love the first

24th of July 2006 (Mon), 08:37
Good ones, Jim. I like especially the shoe ... that leaves you thinking did somebody jump out from the window too fast ...:rolleyes: B&W works well with these.