View Full Version : PLEIDIOL, WYF I'M GWLAD

19th of July 2006 (Wed), 23:06
playing around for no other reason than I found this coin from a long ago trip to the UK and was bored..

20th of July 2006 (Thu), 02:10
what material did you use for the background? i love the flat rich black, but can never get it in my backgrounds.

nice shot, did you color it in PP?

20th of July 2006 (Thu), 02:15
it's the balck faux-velvet that came with my light cube. To take it completely to black, I just added a levels adjustment layer and brought the left hand (black point) slider towards the right until the effect was accomplished.

Painted over the coin with the brush on Overlay blend mode to colorize it.

20th of July 2006 (Thu), 02:17
wow magnificent shot