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As of May 1st, 2014

Disclaimer : By posting a photograph on POTN you hereby agree to all the terms listed below. It is the member's responsibility to ensure they are aware of the rules and guidelines of POTN.

Image Size Limits:Image must fit in a 1280 pixels by 1280 pixels box.
If you want to share a larger photo, please link to it. See http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=157706
for tips.

Allowed # of images: In 'Photo Sharing' section:

You may attach *) maximum of two (2) photos per thread. This means: you may attach up to 2 photos when you start a new thread. You may attach additional photos if requested, but only in a reply to other member's post and request.
You may embed **) maximum of eight (8) photos per thread. This means: you may embed up to 8 photos when you start a new thread. You may embed additional photos if requested, but only in a reply to other member's post. If photo size exceeds a 1280 pixels by 1280 pixels box, you may not embed it: post a link (URL) to it instead. In other forums:
you may exceed above photo sharing limits, but only if discussion requires it (e.g. lens test examples, more problem example photos, competitions).

Note that size limits apply to all forums.

NOTE: Do not use the forum as your image gallery, post only the best of the best and link to the rest. In this way you are also more likely to get replies and comments.

Definitions:*) Attachment:
when you upload a photo to forum server using forum's posting interface.

By posting attached images you give us a permission to host the images and display them. Upload only material which is your own copyright.

Please use the attachment feature only when you do not have your own server or gallery space to link images from. The images are stored on photography-on-the.net hard disks and the space is limited - we may delete attachments if space gets low (not likely in near future). At the moment we have ca. 150KB per image filesize limit (150000 bytes) per jpg image.
**) Embedding: when you surround image URL with HTTP://url.jpg bbcode tags to make it apperar on post as displayed image. By posting embedded images you give us a permission to display them. Embed only material which is your own copyright.

Thread: Sequence of posts under same topic.


Be sure your post title includes a short description of image content.
Give detailed info. In the message body, include something about the images: story, what camera, what settings, circumstances, lighting... something.
Be aware that many people view this forum at work or at home with young children. Always post a warning such as (violent) in the thread title if your images may contain subject matter that could be deemed objectionable.
Glamour & Nude forum should always be used for glamour, nude and erotic photos which are not family safe (i.e. do not post them to People). Nude/erotic photos posted to People will be removed.
Do not post the same image in multiple forums or in multiple posts. The end result will most likely be one of the threads being deleted by a moderator.
Do not post another photographer's photos without permission from that photographer. Any photos violating copyright laws will be removed.
If you do not have written permission to edit that photo, or the member has not set the Image Editing Okay flag (in User CP), you may not edit that photo and post the edited photo back. This applies to ALL FORUMS.
When quoting posts that have photos, please take a minute to remove the [IMG] tags, or just remove the reference to the photo altogether. There's no reason to have the same photo quoted time and again in a thread.

Moderator actions : Any posts or threads deemed by the sole discretion of the POTN staff to be limiting bandwidth and/or readability, moderators can and will edit posts or threads to improve bandwidth or readability as they see fit without notice.

Special Notes : Please be aware that POTN fully supports free expression of art. However, pornography, extreme acts of violence, sex, torture, or abuse of any kind, illegal activities with children, true or alleged, will be removed at the sole discretion of the POTN Staff.