View Full Version : 22MP 1Ds -- comming soon ?

1st of August 2006 (Tue), 18:52
i was hoping that something new would complement the 1D mkII N - guess I need to wait for August 2007 :shock:

I found this on the Northlight Images web-site.
I have no affiliation with them what so ever!

Over at Camera West (http://www.camerawest.com/ (http://www.camerawest.com/)) they are taking advance requests to be put on a 22MP 1Ds waiting list. Doesn't say if it is a 1Ds Mk2 N or the 'Mk3' (Thanks Thomas, for the info)

New this Fall!
Canon 1DS 22mp
Leica M8 Digital
Nikon D80 10mp


1st of August 2006 (Tue), 18:56
cameraswest is part of kitz/ritz, and has no idea what will actually happen. they are taking a chance, trying to lock in presale orders on what they believe the next camera will be. i wouldn't buy from them regardless, they won't get it any faster or have any more of them, and they are an awful store