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4th of August 2006 (Fri), 13:21
Has anyone bought anything from Adorama Camera?
If so how was your experience with them?
They have a lens I want for the right price but I need some references first.
Thanks in advance.

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 13:28
They work with Amazon on some products and they've been fine. I just ordered a Crumpler from them, the website said it was in stock, but it wasn't. I had to call and speak to a manager and he switched it for me, but he tried to sell me batteries and CF cards until I had to tell him I wasn't interested. He seemed put out. I have ordered from their website several times, ordering anything from photo albums to lenses. They are reputable. I would still call them if you have any questions. Whoever answers their e-mail is pretty good.

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 15:06
I've dealt with them, and been generally happy, but.... the first two times I ordered from them, I got the salesman's pitch for more equipment. When I declined, there was no problem.
Generally, I just go with B&H, but don't really have a problem with Adorama.

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 15:24
I've bought several things from them, including my 100-400. No issues here

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 15:46
You should check Amazon as well. I've seen numerous items offered on Amazon that actually shipped from Adorama, but they were lower-priced on Amazon than on the Adorama site.

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 16:12
I use Adorama but only through the Amazon website to avoid the upsell.

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 16:32
Liza, that's usually what I do, but when I got the e-mail that said they didn't have the bag, I was a little upset. Should know your inventory and get it on the website.

R Hardman
4th of August 2006 (Fri), 19:02
I web orderd from them and had no issues. Stuff showed up on time and packed for the worst shipping.

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 19:14
When need some item quick and can't wait for it to be ship I usually use Adorama because its easier to find parking there instead of B&H which has very little parking and the free parking is only is you buy something so if the item you're looking for is not there you'll have to bite the parking bill as well. Adorama has been in business for quite awhile I remember them back in the 70's when I was into cameras and stuff. I never really have much problems with them.

4th of August 2006 (Fri), 21:49

6th of August 2006 (Sun), 02:25
I bought my 50 1.4 and my 70-200 2.8 from them without a problem, minor upsell tactics but a simple no will take care of that(has for me anyway).

Or maybe I was lucky to find the salesman I did, lol.