View Full Version : Infrared Tree and Cotton-Candy Clouds

Don Ellis
9th of February 2002 (Sat), 07:35
I don't know a lot of photography rules so I don't know how many I'm not adhering to here...there's not even a lot of reason to post this picture except that I haven't put one up recently and whenever I run across this image on my computer, I still like it.


Canon G1, 1/10th second, aperture 2.0, Hoya R72

9th of February 2002 (Sat), 10:22
you could sell this one

9th of February 2002 (Sat), 19:48
Don, you're too modest! This is among the top ten best IR images I have ever seen, and I have seen a fine group. The different light values brought out by the IR blend perfectly. Great post.

Don Ellis
10th of February 2002 (Sun), 23:20
Hi Chris,

Well, it wasn't false modesty...I couldn't really say why I liked it, although I guess you don't have to match something to a template to like it. Thanks very much for your generous comment and your insights.

And Gerry, you may have given me a needed push -- not to sell necessarily, but to see what a picture looks like from a photo output center. I've shot nearly 20,000 pictures with my G1 and G2 since June 2001, have printed only half a dozen on my Epson inkjet and have been promising to take one to a professional shop.

I stopped by one of the centers the other day and was suprised at how few papers exist for photo output (at least at that shop). Since then, I've read that the variety of papers for film reproduction is shrinking, while papers for inkjets are increasing.

In any case, thanks for your input. I'm glad you liked the photo.