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16th of November 2003 (Sun), 19:30
I am asking your help to learn to mount my photos on wood or fibre boards. It seem it is a simple procedure, if you know how. Wal_Mart is charging $14 in Canada to mount a 8 x 11 picture.
I wonder where you can get the base, (wood or some other kind of board) then what glue to use, and how to put a final varnish coat. Is there a way to have clean edges, they seem to put some kind of a moulding on the sides.

17th of November 2003 (Mon), 10:45
I use a spray adhesive to mount a print. I got it at a local craft store.

One coat provides a sticky surface that holds the print in place, spraying both surfaces tends to (but not always) provide a more lasting adhesion. If you were going to coat the print, then this would be used to fix the print in place before coating.

That's the limit to my advice, I only do up some poster boards occasionally for art shows.

17th of November 2003 (Mon), 20:25
Here I am at this moment
I bought MDS board at $6 for half sheet and had the lumbar dealer cut the bard into 1 ft pieces, Bought spray glue from Wal_Mart. Printed my pictures. Glued them on the MDS board. Trimmed the pictures with a utility knife.
Sprayed the product with clear varethane.
Hope it wont yellow.
Painted the edges of the board with paint.
It looks professional work

18th of November 2003 (Tue), 15:42
My wife used to do this many years back. I asked her what kind of glue she used. She didn't remember what it was called, but it came in a bottle with a split rubber top that the glue oozed out of. She also sprayed the photograph with a spray she bought at the photo store to preserve it, she doesn't remember what that was called either. She used pine 1 by stock, cut it to size, then routed (sp?) the edges and stained it.

We still have one hanging up and the corners are just starting to come loose. We have had this for over twenty years. It has never been hanging in direct sunlight, and the photograph still looks good. It may have faded over the years, but looking at it everyday, I haven't noticed any.

20th of July 2007 (Fri), 08:22
I wrote an article on this subject:


In my experience the hermafix applicator is perfect as it provides such a close stick - the temporary one even allows yoy to re-place as many times as you like.


20th of July 2007 (Fri), 08:34
I'd be careful of the spray & liquid adhesives, as the chemicals in them might affect the print over time. Pro labs use a heat sensitive sheet called dry-mount, which hasn't affected my prints over 35 years, but it isn't easy to do yourself.