View Full Version : Not camera related - can anyone recommend jukebox software

21st of August 2006 (Mon), 07:49
for my PC?
Preferably freeware. I just want something that isn't such a pain as WMP tp use!
And it would be great if you could run the tracks together (i.e. no silence between songs)

Thanks in advance!

21st of August 2006 (Mon), 10:55
Are you looking for something to play MP3's you have, or something like a Internet radio? If it's the latter you want, go to http://www.pandora.com/. For an MP3 player, I use dbPowerAmp, though it doesn't have the best of interfaces.

21st of August 2006 (Mon), 11:05
itunes. www.apple.com/itunes

the anti ipodeans (and i dont mean the aussies :lol:) might grumble but its a nice simple, easy to use, organised application. others may do more but for me this does everything i need and it does it well.

Ronald S. Jr.
21st of August 2006 (Mon), 11:07
On my Vaios (they come with it) I use Sonic Stage. Crossfades songs as you wish.

On a related note, wmp will fade songs together..you just have to set it. I don't see what's so painful about it..

21st of August 2006 (Mon), 11:55
Thanks all.
Ronald, I just tried the fading once and it didn't work. I am normally more persistent than that, but I just don't like the way WMP works anyway, so I decided to give it a miss.
Thanks for the ideas though!

21st of August 2006 (Mon), 11:59
BTW, I am looking for a player to play existing mp3s, and importantly, WMA (I recorded my entire CD collection at work and only had access to WMP)

Just took alook at Sonic Stage, but the sony site demands I download IE!! I think not!

Ronald S. Jr.
21st of August 2006 (Mon), 12:12
...so download it, and then delete it. Gosh. :lol:

21st of August 2006 (Mon), 12:44
if your using windows, IE is already installed, and if your not using windows, I don't know whether it will work

as for the IE thing - a lot of people feel very strongly about using IE, and will just not use a website if it is required :p