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3rd of September 2006 (Sun), 09:43
There is an event coming up, of which I have been asked at short notice to record. Its an ex-boxers get together, and the requirements shall be to provide portraits and record some award presentations.

I have covered similar for an amateur club a short while ago, but was able to print small proofs and return them to the club for orders, it turned out quite successful.

On this event, there will not be the oppertunity to return some days later with proofs, any orders will have to be made there and then with payment.

I do not have a dye sub printer and would prefer not to provide prints immeadiatly anyway, I would like the oppertunity to be able to make them look there best with a little photo shop work if necessary. I expect some sessions to be quite quick, of which would leave little time anyhow to provide prints of any quality.

Is it reasonable for people to pay before seeing the results?

I intend to charge 12 per A4 and 8 per 4" X 6" prints, of which will be unmounted, and delivered by Royal Mail in a card backed envelope. I shall have an assistant, to take the orders and payment. I am offering a refund in the unlikely event that any prints are found not to be acceptable, upon the return of any such prints.

I dont really foresee that happening, as once paid for with the oppertunity of having a nice print of yourself possibly alongside a famous Boxer etc, I thought it unlikely for anyone to want to return the prints. Also taking into consideration that I normally achieve good results and will probably take 2 - 3 shots of each pose.

I do have a laptop I could upload to and present images that way, or should I just forward the finished article? My preference is towards the latter.

I would be grateful for any input and advice, many thanks in advance.

3rd of September 2006 (Sun), 23:57
Couples of thoughts:
- at those prices you'll go broke
- if you let people return prints they'll copy them then return them
- assistants, equipment, and postage cost money

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 01:55
Good point about the copying

Apart from making money from this venture, I also want to provide the best possible results / service that I can.

regarding the prices - I am an amateur, even though they approached me based on work they had seen previous, it doesnt seem to be too bad a profit per print, but I'm open to suggestions. Many thanks for your reply Tim.

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 04:49
Profit per print? Factor in equipment cost, your time, assistants time, print costs, and postage, you're way below what i'd charge for something like that.

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 12:58
i feel like i follow tim around and say this in several posts... but i dont mean to.

-that being said, i feel that your time is worth an amount to you. only you know what that is. not all photographers are as experienced or as valuable as tim is. sometimes it is ok to work for a more modest amount of money and gain experience and practice.

sometimes the pros here forget that they have not always been worth 500 dollars per hour. you have to start somewhere. Don't sell yourself short, but you know your market the best. get what you can.

I also think that you should not offer a preview, or a return policy. if you have a businees card and a website for them to access, that is good enough. Tell them that you takes several shots to ensure they get the best picture of themselves with said celebrity, and for just $$$$$ it will be delivered quickly and they can order reprints after seeing the original. See it more as a sitting fee. for your price they get a pic. that price is low. dont kill yourself to sell a single print.

BTW i think if you could presell 100 prints at "12 pounds each" you'd make an ok day for yourself. i would not want to send out 100 pictures 1 at a time, though. be careful to keep each person with their correct picture.

even for a low price, i dont want a pic of a guy i dont know standing with some washed up boxer.. lol

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 13:43

Thank you for your honest and sensible attitude.

I had decided, pretty quickly after Tim's advice, not to offer a refund - I will have to have more confidence in my work. Should I mess a particular shot up, then obviously I would have to return the fee, but there will be no print sent either. I see no reason for this to happen If I am careful though.

Maybe I should be charging more, but in my heart (maybe I am just too honest, that’s why I cant afford L glass lol) but I don’t feel I should be charging a Pro rate, simply because I am not a Pro. I know that a good pro would achieve better results than me, I would expect him/her to I am not ashamed of that, its a fact, I am still learning. But I will add that I wouldn't take the job on if I didn't think I could provide good results.

I would similarly expect me to better a newbie in my everyday profession, if not then I should pack that up.

The fact is, this association could have hired a pro, but they didn't, the reason they didn't - I put my money on cost rather than my excellent reputation. I had the opportunity to turn it down, but I will enjoy gaining more experience, of which I am sure will improve things for me on the next event.

My main concerns were really how people will react to paying for something they haven't yet seen or have possession of. I can put watermarked pics on my website, but to be honest, I would guess that most of the people attending would not know how to gain access to it. I'm not saying older people don’t know how, I'm no spring chicken myself, but that’s just the feeling I get from these sort of crowds. (maybe I'm wrong)

Regarding my assistants fee, on this occasion it shall be my eldest Daughter, of whom I bribed. If I happen to sell 100 images at the cost suggested, I will be over the moon. I have my doubts though

What I shall do is follow up on this thread after the event, and shall give an honest opinion of what I done wrong, or could have done better.

Many thanks Tim and MikeMcL so far.

Would still like more opinions.

9th of September 2006 (Sat), 09:57
Unfortunately, the event is off lol

12th of September 2006 (Tue), 12:17
Steve, drop me an email - david@epsphoto.co.uk or give me a bell 01437 779412 / 07799 666808

I have been doing events for just over a year now. I have been in photography for a good while and work for various newspapers and paper groups.

Events are strange things, Last week I shot an event with 120 people, I shot 120 photos and sold 112 photos, printed them all on the day and made just over 1100 ($2000) 2 weeks before I shot an event, 1200 photos in total and sold 130 and made similar money.

Printing on the day IS THE KEY - I am looking at dysubs now but have been using Canon 6600d printers which are fantastic and fairly quick. The downside is they are costly to run but worth it.

I also have a epson R1800 printer which I produce 13x19inch contact sheets with 30 prints per page, big enough for people to easily see and order from.

anyway, keep it up and go for it. Remember 1000 for a days work is about the average take home pay for most people for a months work !