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4th of September 2006 (Mon), 01:20
I found this dying plant out behind my studio. I thought that it was so ironic how this plant could manage to grow out of the blacktop, and then just die.

Jim G
4th of September 2006 (Mon), 02:53
Interesting image... apt caption.

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 11:32
poor little guy :(

i like the image a lot, except the sunlight at the top is a little distracting. can we see a tighter crop?

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 11:38
I like this crop. The sunlight in the background is a powerful life symbol to contrast this sad little plant. The DOF is fantastic!

Goran Katic
4th of September 2006 (Mon), 18:11

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 18:15
That's really cool, the DOF is right on.

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 20:38
That's really cool, the DOF is right on.

Thanks. It was one of the few times I used 2.8 outside in broad daylight.

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 21:19
caption for the current crop: location, location, location... ;)

Like M, I find the blown highlights at the top distracting. I do like seeing the other foliage in the background though because I think it makes you realize that location was the downfall for this little guy.

4th of September 2006 (Mon), 21:33
If you had gone to the nursery, paid for this plant, put it in a nice sunny spot and watered it regularly, it would have died much sooner :-)

5th of September 2006 (Tue), 02:08
I love it, especially in light of what I just posted. Great counterpoint.

6th of September 2006 (Wed), 22:35
So dont you think you should be in the studio and not out back photographing plants ?? Great shot though!!

6th of September 2006 (Wed), 23:05
Great shot, meh, it actually makes me feel kind of sad =\