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8th of September 2006 (Fri), 07:30
So I'm looking for a lens for concert shooting. I was looking at the Sigma 24-70mm EX DG Macro, which is 279. There's also the Tamron 28-75 f 2.8 SP XR Di, which is 259. There are probably others that I've missed.. I'm looking to spend 300 at the most. Which of these is better/best suited for concert photography? Are either gonna be any good at all? Are there any other recommendations? Any info would be greatly appreceated.

Thanks a lot guys :)

8th of September 2006 (Fri), 09:09
Chances are even at F/2.8 you'll have to use high ISO speeds to get shutter speeds that are hand-holdable, let alone that will freeze the action of the performers. It's doable at F/2.8 and either of these would do the job equally as well as the other. There's been ALOT of threads about the tamron vs. the sigma. What gear do you currently have? I'd consider maybe picking up the 50mm F/1.8 along with a zoom if you don't already have it.

The alternative is to keep saving up and get some fast (either zoom or prime)& image stabilized lenses if you want to do aot of concert shooting.

8th of September 2006 (Fri), 09:18
The only lens I currently have that would be any use is the 2.8 60mm macro. The body I use is 350d at the moment. I'd personally prefer to not be changing lenses all the time (hence why I went for a zoom option), but I'd be willing to go along with it if it was the best option.

Cheers, Paul

8th of September 2006 (Fri), 09:48
Have you tried using your 2.8 macro and high ISO settings in those conditions to see if that combination will give you the results you're looking for? If you have a chance to do so it might save you from getting a brand new lens that won't do what you need it to, or it'll confirm that it will and make your decision that much easier.

Test 'er out if you can, then you can go to the zoom for convenience if that works out, if not you could go with a couple fast primes.

Good luck.