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19th of September 2006 (Tue), 22:14
Hello guys. I have been into the great fashion shooter for Vogue, Steven Meisel who seems to be a very mysterious character. He avoids interviews, won't be photographed himself, etc. My research on the net has turned up many photos and models he's shot, but very little about the equipment he uses, his workflow or even what the guy looks like. Is he digital, 35mm, med format, large format, everything? Avedon and Scavullo have been interviewed and have appeared on TV, but Steven keeps a very low profile. Does anyone here know anymore info about him? Is there a picture of him somewhere? Does he give master classes, appear at Brooks Inst or other art schools, have students?

Any link is appreciated. I have been able to research all the great photographers I'm into, but Meisel is really blending in the woodwork. Thanks for your time katt

25th of September 2006 (Mon), 23:22
You might be able to get his former assistant Rodrigo Mendez to spill the beans.

26th of September 2006 (Tue), 00:11
Hi hooook. Thanks for responding. How do you know Rodrigo assisted Meisel? I read his bio, but didn't see any reference to this. katt

Do you know anything more you could pass on to us?