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21st of September 2006 (Thu), 09:29
I look at APOD just about every day. I enjoy the astronomy pictures, todays was especially cool, you can see the space station and Atlantis with the sun as a backdrop.

Being the curious person I am, I jumped over to the page decribing the making of the shot. Down the page a bit you can see the equipment used.


has a canon 5D attached to it, has a 2300mm focal length, white and it even has a red ring. :lol:

And, what a tripod!

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 09:32
...Atlantis with the sun as a backdrop...

moon??? lol JK,

Very cool though! I would love to have a setup like that. That is pretty incredible to take a shot like that!

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 09:33
Way cool shot there.

But... Don't try this at home, folks!! :D

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 09:39
Color version of the image here:


21st of September 2006 (Thu), 10:20
Hay that batttery kicks the 1D series butt for size !

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 10:41
:) :) Will a Canon 1.4 teleconverter fit on my new Takahashi TOA-150 refractor? I want to do some landscape photograpy on Mars and I need to get a little closer and can afford the Takahashi FCT-250/EM-3500. Also how many f-stops will I lose? :) :)

Steve Parr
21st of September 2006 (Thu), 10:55
That's an amazing picture...

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 11:38
Did you see the look on the cow's face, staring at the lens? It says: "Holy cow!" :D

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 19:48
How about that tripod?

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 20:34
that's a very cool photo. It's good to see that it's just not a black dot either. You can see the shape of both, which is cool.

I was supprised there's not alot of sunspots on the sun on the photo.

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 20:40
That's fantastic. I hope NASA pay him well for the extraordinary capture!

The sunspots probably aren't showing, as it's still VERY overexposed.

I'll be doing some photography myself on it, but using a big filter, but the sun cover I have doesn't quite cover the 10" telescope.

21st of September 2006 (Thu), 20:50
Imagine if he had a 1.6 crop camera on that thing, instead of the 5D.