View Full Version : first shots w/my S3, in k-town germany

30th of September 2006 (Sat), 18:47
first, k-town is the quick version of kaiserslautern. i'm stationed nearby at ramstein air base and just picked up my new S3. I've always been into taking pictures but never took it seriously until very recently. my first time shooting like this....i was pretty nervous snapping pics of complete strangers, and have a LOT of learning to do..especially in terms of framing things just right and timing. I don't even fully understand photography basics but i'm reading a lot lately and hope to learn a lot more in the next several months...although i'm sure it's always going to be a learning process; getting the basics down and fully understanding them would be nice.

here's probably the best shots i managed to create today...these could probably have just as easily gone into the "people" forum up top, but i like the "urban life" idea more :D ...c&c is welcome to let me know what to keep in mind in the future. hope you like them, i can't wait for paris (leaving tomorrow morning) for some more shutter time! :)






30th of September 2006 (Sat), 21:46
I would say you have a good eye for whats interesting, I like taking urban shots too!

1st of October 2006 (Sun), 02:31
This is a very nice collection, and an excellent start with your new S3. Not knowing if that was intentional, but all the (full frame?) pics seem to be slightly tilted to the left. (I'm doing that as well, so I need to correct almost every picture. ;))

Looking forward to see more!