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John Thawley
3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 09:12
A few from Road Atlanta... lots to go through. Here's a taste. And a few more in the Gallery at AutomotivePhoto.net (http://www.automotivephoto.net)


#1 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_21719.jpg
#2 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_15945.jpg
#3 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_19424.jpg
#4 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_28658.jpg
#5 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_28699.jpg
#6 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_27750.jpg
#7 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_28249.jpg
#8 http://community.automotivephoto.net/photopost/data/500/Thaw_21585.jpg

3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 09:42
wow i like the first one impressive bit of panning for 1/60th of a second

3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 10:51
I really like the second shot... It may look "simple", but it is so much more than "just a tight shot of a car". Perfect example of using an off-center composition (notice, the car is a the bottom left side of the frame, even has a little more room to drive out-into), non-distracting and interesting backgrounds (the red dirt tells the whole story of Road Atlanta), and slower shutter speeds (notice the wheels aren't parked)... very nicely done!

I like the vertical shot of the esses (#5), again great composition... the DOF is also great. The light is just perfect as well, so warm... it highlights the yellow very nicely. #7 is great as well, lots of motion. I really like #8 as well, great panning job on that one... lots of motion in the wheels/background, yet a sharp car - not easy when they are moving away at 3/4.

Nothing less than expected, very well done! See you at Laguna!


3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 11:54
those shots are amazing! even at a high shutter speed it feels like the cars are moving

3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 11:58
I really like the curb hopping action on #3. They are all very well done though.

Jeff Kapic

Jamie Holladay
3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 12:54
I really like the compostion in #5, excellent shot. #7 is pretty neat in that the 31 is sharp while the rest of the car is not. I like the feel of motion in that shot. Thanks for sharing these here JT.

3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 13:20
Excellent shots John. I really like 4 and 5, great angle.

3rd of October 2006 (Tue), 18:19
Do I sense another calendar in the works John??

Was great to meet ya at Mosport on Labour Day weekend.

Glad ya had much better weather then we did at Mosport.

4th of October 2006 (Wed), 08:48
yikes! fantastic

John Thawley
4th of October 2006 (Wed), 20:06
Thanks all for your comments.


4th of October 2006 (Wed), 21:29
Thanks all for your comments.

John, love the shots and thanks for the quick lessons on where to get. I was one of the "new guys" at Petit Friday morning that you talked too.

5th of October 2006 (Thu), 05:36
dam tahta a kik ass set of pis there m8

pans and group shots are really dam nice

my favorites are #3 and #8

kik ass job there m8 :)

5th of October 2006 (Thu), 17:41
I love #7! Keep up the good work!

7th of October 2006 (Sat), 03:07
Nice shots. I like 1 & 5. 1 just looks good to me and 5 is awesome composition.

Mr. Clean
9th of October 2006 (Mon), 16:15
good lord those are great shots!