View Full Version : St. Barts Cathedral?

9th of October 2006 (Mon), 21:03
Hello, I think this is St. Barts cathedral? I'm not really sure, thats what my friend told me. Taken on a recent trip to NYC. what do you think? I messed with the sky a bit.


9th of October 2006 (Mon), 22:15
Pretty awesome shot, you did a way better job photographing it than I did when I was in NYC.

10th of October 2006 (Tue), 01:01
I think the sky looks kinda fake, try to darken it a little

10th of October 2006 (Tue), 21:39
Thanks for the comments. I agree a darker sky would look better, but I don't really know how to do that in PS yet. The original sky was fairly light, and I just messed with the amount of color that was already in it. I don't know how to actually make it darker. Any suggestions? This is what the original looked like:

11th of October 2006 (Wed), 03:50
you'll have a winner with a few minor adjustments. change the blues' hue...don't just over-saturate all the colors. that should make the blues deeper. part of the building on the right was still left in the shot.

12th of October 2006 (Thu), 17:24
I think it’s a very interesting shot of architecture, where you show two completely different styles of design. A nice shot. With the right PP it will be a great shot! :) Thanks for sharing.

12th of October 2006 (Thu), 17:33
You know what I saw?

Church and State.


Good potential.

13th of October 2006 (Fri), 00:00
I think this is St. Patrick's Cathedral. Beautiful.

Alec Trevelyan
13th of October 2006 (Fri), 00:16
St. Patrick's is correct. Love the ripples in the flag on the left :)

13th of October 2006 (Fri), 01:48
Flags add a great feel. Its a great shot, but the sky gave me a headache behind the eyes. PS that sucka. Great composotion.

17th of October 2006 (Tue), 22:12
Thanks for the comments everyone...I'm going to give this one another shot in PS and see if I can make it a little better and not give people headaches :) Oh, and thanks for clearing up that its St. Patricks cathedral...I knew it had to be a saint someone!
-Michael, I just looked at your link. You have tons of awesome stuff in there!!