View Full Version : EFS ERR5

11th of October 2006 (Wed), 23:16
I have gotten a error code 5 on my Rebel XT. It usually happens when I'm
zooming. I have the standard EFS 18/24/35 zoom. Any idea what is wrong ?
Do I need to send my camera into Canon?

12th of October 2006 (Thu), 05:45
I don't know what an EFS 18/24/35 is but try cleaning the lens contacts and those on the camera mount.

If that doesn't work its more likely to be the lens that has a problem.

Can you go to a shop and try a different lens on your camera?

Good luck...

12th of October 2006 (Thu), 10:18
I don't know what an EFS 18/24/35 is either, but I don't think cleaning the contacts will help.

According to the 350D/XT manual (you do have one, right?), on page 157 it says that Error 05 means "Something obstructed the built-in flash's automatic pop-up operation." Does the error happen only when you're using one of the basic modes (portrait, close up, green box auto)? Does it happen only when the light is low? Is your camera strap, or thumb, or something, in the way?