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21st of October 2006 (Sat), 16:45
very dim overhead lighting only. no flash iso 400, f1.4,1/250.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v240/steve535/colin-test.jpg

21st of October 2006 (Sat), 16:45

21st of October 2006 (Sat), 16:55
In the first shot, his left hand is too far up the sleeve, his right hand should be on his ooponents belt, giving him more leverage, and he has jump in too far, causing him to have to lift his oponent over his back rather than using his hip as leverage....


I think you have done a brilliant job with the lighting - the expression on the attacking lads face is wonderful - well done!

22nd of October 2006 (Sun), 02:04
I would crank the ISO up a notch so you can het a higher shutter speed. Also, watch your horizons.

22nd of October 2006 (Sun), 12:28
This is exactly the type of shooting I do 90% of the time.

The first photo is great. It's amazing you got these at iso 400.

If they do much striking, or sparring you're going to need to bump up the iso a bit for faster shutter speeds. Also as they get more advanced a lot of what they do should become faster in general. You can see the motion blur in the feet in the first pic.

The second is missing a lot because of position which can't be helped alot of the time depending on the school. If I know what's being tested I will sometimes move to another spot as the technique is done and then repeated. The mirrors and cluttered backgrounds are impossible to avoid most of the time.

His technique... :)
I was going to comment on the technique too, but would have been different than what TeeJay offered. One of the things I have always enjoyed about the Martial Arts is the 1,000 different ways a technique can be taught and executed even with something as simple as this hip throw.

Looks like a belt test. Did he pass?

22nd of October 2006 (Sun), 17:07
thanks for everyone's advice. I think the PP version is much better.Yes it was a belt test. He did great all his Judo throws and his Jiu-Jitsu hold were right on.We wont know till Tuesday if he is belting up.Two big tournaments in November lots of sparring.

22nd of October 2006 (Sun), 20:12
As mentioned earlier...I would up the ISO .....not to increase the shutter speed...but to increase the DOF with a better ( larger ) f-stop. Shooting at f 1.4 doesn't give much margin for sharpness. Shutter speed of 250 with your wides is reasonable, at little more DOF would assure that all of each kids is sharp. Just my opinion. Great shots otherwise, you caught the action wonderfully, exposure perfect.

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 06:00
congratulation's he belted up, three more to junior black belt.

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 16:02
Crank that ISO up to 1600 and use a noise reducer and be amazed at how much nicer theyw ill turn out.

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 17:41
iso at 1600 on my 350 = more noise then I could stand.even with a noise program 800 or 1600 iso dosnt work for me, maybe if i could get away useing a tripod.

28th of October 2006 (Sat), 00:32
Here is a shot I just finished PPing. I used my 350D, ISO 1600, DPP, and Neat Image.


Not too bad for ISO 1600. The secret I have found is to get the exposure good and the noise is managable.

28th of October 2006 (Sat), 00:34
Here is another....same settings...


28th of October 2006 (Sat), 00:43
Or even the worst conditions I have yet to encounter, INDOOR SWIM MEETS....LOL


I dont show these cuz I think I am "all that", but rather cuz I know I am NOT and even I can get decent shots of my kids in their poorly light sports arenas....with a little luck and lot of playing around with the right settings, at ISO 1600. I wish I had one of the nice cameras that can go to ISO 3200!

28th of October 2006 (Sat), 01:29
A question to all, can you recommend and give some brief advice on a good noise program? This particular item is new to me.

I have never needed one before but since I started shooting football games that run into night, my teams parents are wondering why the 6th grade teams (night games) don't have pictures like the 4th grade (late afternoon) does.

You guys are taking some amazingly good photographs for using high ISOs. I shot at 3200 last week but the noise is so bad I don't want to print anything larger than a 4x6.
Thank you in advance. I have prints that need fixing ..... yesterday!

I shoot with a 10D and a 28-300 IS L 3.5-5.6 lens, 580EX, use PS CS.

30th of October 2006 (Mon), 17:26
The two most talked about on here are Noise Ninja and Neat Image. I use both, and either or work well for me...

31st of October 2006 (Tue), 11:18
Great shots, but it looks like you have the same issue as me, not enough V8 in your diet. My soccer players always seem to be running up hill.

1st of November 2006 (Wed), 00:50
you can use a free trial of neat image. they have it on their site neatimage.com for download.

1st of November 2006 (Wed), 17:29
Thanks for the input on noise reduction programs. Ended up getting Noise Ninja and it works pretty good considering I don't have a clue how to really use it yet. It definitely makes a pleasing difference.

3rd of November 2006 (Fri), 17:52
I havent learned to mess with the settings either. I am afraid I will screw it up and NOT be able to put them back...

sure, build a better machine and I will be a better idiot....LOL