View Full Version : Book - Minimalism - Take it or trash it?

24th of October 2006 (Tue), 16:40
Was playing around with some still light settings and gradually progressed to the following setting. Did a little p/p - got the black completely black and whites whiter.


Is this a remotely interesting idea? Would you reshoot / pp some more and do some things differently?

Thanks for your comments,
David Migl

24th of October 2006 (Tue), 21:04
a thing i have noticed a lot on this forum is people putting a lot of weight on other's comments. i think you gotta ask yourself, when you took this picture, did it mean something to you? or, with the result you now have, does it mean anything to you? do you like it? i have tons of pictures i've taken that i love, because they mean something to me, and would not even consider posting here for critique. because they'd probably get torn apart. the fact that i like it is enough.

anyway, with that said, i like it. it's simplicistic. and it works for me.

okay, please disregard any of this if you are getting paid for this shot. because i don't think my opinion applies in that situation.

24th of October 2006 (Tue), 21:07
It looks like something you would see in a gallery. I would try to shoot it different angles also to show some more of the pages. I'm not talking about reshooting this shot but in the same context see what another shot would look like from a higher angle. Nice work

24th of October 2006 (Tue), 22:01
Excellent image for added text in the upper right hand side. Did you burn the lower right corner? It seems dark over there. ;)

Standing on it's own, while the pages offer good lines with a nice flow, it lacks interest for me.

25th of October 2006 (Wed), 21:12
I love it, minimalism is great in an art form where people fill as much in the frame as possible.

25th of October 2006 (Wed), 21:45
Excellent image for added text in the upper right hand side. Did you burn the lower right corner? It seems dark over there. ;)

I noticed something funky going on on that side too. While not the most interesting photo, it is nicely composed and has its merits... I would keep it.

25th of October 2006 (Wed), 22:27
Thank you all for the comments! This is what the setup looked like:


You can see my homemade light clamped to the tripod - it was too close, resulting in some of the uneven lighting and shadows on the right hand side. Yeah, we can't all do it the right way ;)

I was experimenting with the inspiration (:D) provided by the lines, tried a few different angles, and was pleasantly surprised at how well the background blacked out. I was pretty intrigued by the final picture, which I had no idea would come out the way it did.