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1st of May 2001 (Tue), 18:51
Hi all,

I've been too busy to update the gallery (and respond to many mails, sorry about that), but today I finally did the update with 16 recent photos I've found 'pleasing'. I also turned the gallery "upside down" so that the latest image is always on the top.

The address is http://studio-on-the.net/photography/G1/

Hope you enjoy the photos, all feedback is always welcome.



2nd of May 2001 (Wed), 12:20

nice shots!

wow....your photos are as sharp and noiseless as usual with extremely pleasing composition.....i know it's already in your gallery FAQ, but how exactly did you do it? What influence your choice of exposure settings? For example, for the "Harley Davidson" shot, why 1/200 for a static shot? And if you want max DOF, why not use Av or Manual to ensure f8, rather than leaving that to the camera? Is it because 1/200 would reduce the noise in the final image? (i know it will, but just want to ask if it was a deliberate consideration during the shoot)

And even more interestingly, did u know that those little star bursts of light are going to turn out in the photo before you take the shot? :P

i notice you used the B-300 for a number of outdoor shots. Was that a composition issue, or simply cos you can't get closer to the bikes?

there must be something i'm not doing correctly with my G1. Now I feel compelled to post my own photos here, not to show off, but to be critiqued :| I feel there's something lacking in my technique.......

once again, thanks for the shots. They are indeed a feast for my eyes........

12th of July 2001 (Thu), 14:05

Many are aware of your FAQ related to the G1 and your answer to the Q: How do you prepare images for the gallery?

Have you developed a new or improved approach for D30 images? New tools?

We would appreciate any insights you might share for building and enhancing D30 galleries.