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26th of October 2006 (Thu), 04:30
Was bored at work (tv studio).
Decided to experiment with my new 30D.

All effects done in camera.
Exposure times range from 13sec.-30sec.




26th of October 2006 (Thu), 07:43
It looks like a really interesting place to work and I really love the images!

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 10:14
Really neat light trails!

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 10:30
First off love the shots The first one is my fav.

Just a question, be nice I'm new here. I understand the whole long exposure thing, but why Dont I see you in the shot? in the first one the room must of been very dark, else the whole image would be blown...but I can see the other stuff in the room.... shouldnt I see you. If you tell me its cause you are invisible I'm going to be up all night trying to figure it out. ;-)

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 10:35
Awesome... Now, tell me how you did it....?

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 11:50
Please do tell the how to's....

I love this stuff!!!!!

26th of October 2006 (Thu), 12:29
I'll describe the first one.

It was a 13 second exposure.
I used the self timer.

When the shutter started, I was at the far end and started walking (quickly) towards camera spinning a small flashlight.

The room in the foreground was fairly dim.
The reason I don't show up was because I wasn't really lit enough to show up.
I was in the room in the foreground for maybe a second or two.
Never stopped moving.
(if you look closely between the top of the door frame and the light trail, you can see a slight blur of my arm)

Glad you guys like em'



26th of October 2006 (Thu), 13:40
well now I can go to sleep. Considering it's only 19.30 in Cape Town maybe I will give it a go. now where is the flashlight?