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28th of October 2006 (Sat), 00:55
if you have a portrait studio and do childrens/family portraits do you get the parents to sign a release? and does it allow you to use a photo of the clients child to advertise?

Just curious how it works with children mostly because they obviously cant sign a release

28th of October 2006 (Sat), 01:49
If you take the image the way I see it. its yours. I dont ask but then again I just started my buisness this year. I could be in the wrong

D. Craig Flory
30th of October 2006 (Mon), 16:35
You must have a signed release to use the images for advertising, publicity, or even studio display. On my order-invoice I have 3 lines for them (the parents for kids). One is their order approval. The 2nd is for them to sign that they understand that I own the copyright. The last is a release for me to use the images for studio display and other places as well as publicity and advertising as well as for print competitions. They can ask to have any of those things crossed out when they sign.