View Full Version : where could he be ?

10th of November 2006 (Fri), 15:30

10th of November 2006 (Fri), 15:35
Nice spot ;)

10th of November 2006 (Fri), 15:46
Nice spot ;)

hope there are stacks more fuzzy headless chickens and others waiting to go on the feathered friends post

or I will have to change my name and go incognito on that thread with some more cluckers


10th of November 2006 (Fri), 16:26
I'd like the black deeper, but still, a nice capture.

Oh, and to answer your question: he's hiding behind the trash bin.

10th of November 2006 (Fri), 17:10
I'd like the black deeper, but still, a nice capture.

yes, I was trying to emphasize the long window frame and the book pages (the white parts in the picture) also the man and the bin

the lady could do with being a bit more of a 'deeper' black alright

Oh, and to answer your question: he's hiding behind the trash bin:lol:
and she is getting so irritated wondering where has he gone to (again )

seems he knows how to switch out and off


Mount Airy Ed
10th of November 2006 (Fri), 18:07
I really think the bright window frame has a lot going for it, but I'm not sure about the darker subjects.

10th of November 2006 (Fri), 18:35
"Gee! I hope she doesn't see me here, I still owe her money" :lol: :lol: Another great candid, I like it very much.

love your signature but you left off something
'better to light a candle than to curse the darkness' when you stub your toes. :p

10th of November 2006 (Fri), 18:58
What a great capture.. the look on her face is priceless!

10th of November 2006 (Fri), 23:40
The idea is good. The exposure and crop need some second thoughts.;)

12th of November 2006 (Sun), 01:07
thanks very much, Sandy, Sandi, Mount Airy Ed and PerCal

maybe don't drink so much before you go to bed at night Sandy
and stay in bed when you do go.
no more stubbed toes :lol:

there was no space in front of the lady to crop PerCal

the angle from where I had to take the shot didn't allow more space in front of her:(
(I was a fair distance away)

I posted it anyway for the idea .... the man being in there behind the bin and it seeming as though she was waiting and looking around for him
not knowing that he was behind her behind the bin... all the time
spaced out in the delights of his book, forgetting he had arranged to meet her

(and there was another man sitting almost on top of him, his big boots and legs were there,so he got cropped) :eyes

nice idea alright