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26th of November 2006 (Sun), 08:02
Bit of short notice on asking for help on this one, however am shooting ice hockey this evening for the paper and just wondered if anyone had any invaluable tips that they had learnt through their experiences.

Metering and white balance are ok and have a fair idea of what I need to take into consideration - but if anyone can think of anything else then please let me know!!



26th of November 2006 (Sun), 08:53
I have found if you focus on the goalie and let the action come to you your shots will be better. I also try getting the action as they break out of a corner, if you try to follow the action around you will get alot of shots that will be disappointing.

Alan Dye
26th of November 2006 (Sun), 09:12
You have great gear to shoot ice hockey! Should be able to get some real keepers.

Try to get close to the action. In the Penalty Box would be ideal. If you're not able to get there, find a good clean spot of glass or at the end of the glass. Some arenas have a pearch above the ice, if yours does, use it. You want to be able to cover the action from end to end.

Use the 70-200 f2.8 if you're able to get anywhere near the middle of the ice. That'll give you the best coverage both near and far.

Shoot a Custom White Balance off the ice before the game starts. Use either a fast Tv (350 or above) and let the camera choose the apature or shoot in Manual and set everything yourself.

Use a Centerweight focus point in AI Servo to get the quickest focus of the action.

If you lighting is above average, you might be able to get away with 800ISO. But most likely you'll have to start with 1600ISO and adjust as needed.

Lastly, fill the frame with the action/player. Try to keep open ice to a minimum. That'll give you a more appealing photo and you'll have less to crop.

Oh Yea, Good Luck!!! Post the results!!

26th of November 2006 (Sun), 09:30

Thank you so much for these heading off out now so fingers crossed!!!

Will let you see the results later!!

Thanks again.


26th of November 2006 (Sun), 09:31
Hi Paul,

I'm no expert, but I take a lot of hockey pictures (my EXIF info is available on all of these (http://www.flickr.com/photos/37783818@N00/sets/) in case you see a shot that you like:

One of the big lessons I've learned recently is to decide on the kind of shot you want to catch and then lie in wait for it. If you have free run of the rink, you'll have to take some shots through the glass... the corners are the best place to get shots on goal, and behind the net (if you have a fast tele) gives you the best view of the whole game, especially catching contact entering the zone.

If you're stuck in the box, you'll get a cleaner shot (no pun intended), but they tend to be pretty boaring mid ice passing plays, etc. What ever you do, always try to get the puck in the shot. A hockey picture loses much of it's interest without that element. (of course anyone "in the air" or a goalie showdown would be an exception to that rule :-)

Good luck!



26th of November 2006 (Sun), 11:19
You guys use a flash alot in rinks? I try to do it sometimes, but dont want to disturb the kids/ref/game. But photos come out so much better with the flash :)

26th of November 2006 (Sun), 11:37
You guys use a flash alot in rinks? I try to do it sometimes, but dont want to disturb the kids/ref/game. But photos come out so much better with the flash :)

I've shot hockey under ambient light (tough), with rink-side strobes (that I set up) and with a hot-shoe flash mounted on a flash bracket. I think strobes are the best, but hot-shoe flash works OK, too.

Regarding disturbing participants, I have covered over 100 events, including hockey, with an on-camera flash, and only once have I been told to stop using it (and this was by a coach who as LOOKING for excuses to explain the fact that his team was getting thrashed, IMHO - he was just in a bad mood).

The duration of the flash is so short, and the players are usually so focused on the game that when I have asked about it afterwards, I've never even had anyone recall flash being there. If you're concerned, just tell the coaches and officials before the game, and get their buy-in.