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22nd of March 2002 (Fri), 12:59
Hi there,

New member here with a couple of questions. First of all [great forum] with lots of tips etc. So is there an initiation test before people respond to your posts? Got one reply (about some AVI files) which was very helpfull (I am converting as we speak).

I posted my gallary link earlier today but only have like 2-3 views where as other [very similar posts] have lots more view (and some replies)

Don't get me wrong, not trying to sound negative, just wondered if I should change my handle name or something?

Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions

22nd of March 2002 (Fri), 14:56

Welcome to the forum!

All you need _is_ a one good reply! :)

It sometimes takes time to get gallery comments, but you'd maybe have better odds to get comment if you lure people there by embedding one teaser photo from the gallery to the post.