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5th of May 2001 (Sat), 09:26
After extensive research ,and a decision based partly on what I read in this forum,and partly on the fact that I allready owned canon equipment that includes an EX380 flash,I went ahead and bought a G1 from the U.K. Having read about dead pixels I immediately checked my camera , and to my horror there it was,a green one at the lower right hand corner .

I got in touch with the shop in the U.K. and they told me to send the camera back for a new one .

I was very pleased with my new camera(stuck pixel aside) so I wanted to learn to use it as well as I could ,so I delayed dispatching it back to the U.K. A week later my little daughter knocked the G1 over, resulting in a dent on the front cover .Fortunately that was the only “injury” suffered and the G1 soldiered on to take more than 4000 pictures.

At a stage I began to get annoyed at having to edit the green dead pixel out of every picture I took, so I rang Intersys S.A. (Greek representatives of Canon) in Athens who suggested that I send the G1 to them.I did so on 2.4.01(april),they received it the next day .After a few days they opened it and said that it needed a new ccd that was on back order .

I rang them every week and their answer was the same, “ccd on back order, wait” .I also asked about the guaranty and the person I talked to said it was not him that decided on such matters and that he will ask about that on a later date.

On 2.5.01 I talked to the man in charge of the repairs department . He was very polite and understanding when he explained that, it is Canon’s policy not to cover by guaranty cameras that bear marks from impact .

Why on earth couldn’t they say that, when I rang them up the first place, even though I mentioned that the camera had a dent on it!

I still haven’t got my G1 back from them.

I AM VERY ANGRY AND DISSAPOINTED WITH CANON, and after having paid the equivalent of two months average wages(greek wages),I feel cheated for having to live with a product that was faulty from the factory,just because it has a dent on it .

I feel like doing exactly what a forum friend said , some time ago about his
G1,when he was complaining about the magenta cast.

"I feel like throwing the thing through Canon's service window"

Thank you for having read so far.


5th of May 2001 (Sat), 20:39
Hi Koumou,

Sorry to hear of your problems with Canon.... I sure hope they give you satisfaction.

How much do they want for a new CCD ?

I guess it may not be worth the money to buy a new CCD just for one dead pixel out of 3.4 million.

Let us know of the outcome.



6th of May 2001 (Sun), 00:41
Hello Guy,

Canon is adamant on the subject.They will not fix my camera under guaranty.A new ccd will cost me about 1/8
of what I paid for the camera,so it's not worth fixing it.