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18th of December 2006 (Mon), 05:36
My neice asked me a few months ago to take pictures at her wedding which was this past Saturday. I agreed but before I did, I let her know (which she already knew) that I was no procfessional and that I would rather shoot behind someone. She, of course, would not have that and said that the pictures that I would take would be fine. So, here we go.

I've read this forum for several months now. The ones of you that shoot weddings have mentioned how big of a job this is to do it right. I found this out Saturday. My main interest in photography has been sports that my two sons play - football, baseball and crosscountry. This, I feel, I can handle OK. The wedding photography business is much more complicated and I have a lot to learn, although I learned a lot Saturday, before I do another if asked.

Things that were to happen at certain times were always late. The cake was late, the girls were late, the groom was late, etc., etc., etc. Our schedule of shots to take before the wedding was not looking good however we did get them done. The list that we got from my niece for shots to take was not complete because she left off a couple of the grandparents. We missed the throwing of the bouquet because my niece was in a hurry. We told her that we missed this shot and would like to redo it but she didn't care. We were running here to there to get shots of this and that at the reception. However, we did get the shots that she had on her list and the ones we wanted to take. Thanks a lot to the good wedding director we had who kept things going and made us and the wedidng party aware of the time before the wedding started. She was good at getting people moved around and people at of our way. Of course with this being family, many wanted shots of their grandchildren and their family which I gladly did.

It was a long day. We arrived at 11:00 - the wedding was not until 6:00. Arrived back home at 10:00. My wife and I were exhausted. All in all it was a lot of fun and more importantly, a very big learning experience. Now, getting the 500 plus shots ready for my niece.

18th of December 2006 (Mon), 09:54
haha, yeah, it's a tough gig, ain't it?
If you're gonna do it you gotta love it. Otherwise it's pure torture. Exhausting, stressful, prolonged torture that is.
Glad to see you made it, so show us some samples!

18th of December 2006 (Mon), 17:36
Yeah, wedding always get crazy like this and it is very hard to follow very step of your plan. I did a wedding this year that the couple only call us to shot their wedding on the wedding day (call in the morning, their wedding was in the noon) and there is no wedding coordinator and nobody know what to do next! :)

19th of December 2006 (Tue), 10:25
Hopefully in this situation you were able to step up and guide the B/G through the day. I have had to do this a few times when I had weddings where there was not a coordinator/someone in charge. But this makes the photography end near impossible, so I try to steer clear of this unless absolutely necessary. Weddings can be as predictable as ever, or in some cases you can have things go on that you could never imagine.