View Full Version : G3 Exif Time Oddities

23rd of February 2004 (Mon), 16:26
Hello there!

I've been scratching my head over this one for the past hour and I wondered if you chaps could help me out. I recently went on holiday to Mauritius (yes it was lovely!) and bought myself a new shiny G3 to help me remember the sights. I love it to bits (apart from not being able to see through the damned view finder!) but whilst looking through the Exif data on the photos I've seen something a bit strange.

Looking at the time stamps ("Date Time Original" and "Date Time Digitised") on a series of photos, the times seem to be randomly gaining/losing an hour. For example, one string of photos (all taken on the same day) in order of being taken go; 06:04, 06:43, 05:47 06:01, 07:11, 07:15, 06:24. This seems to have happened a number of times through-out the 600-odd photos I took. :?

Has anyone seen this before? Is it a bug in the G3? Can anyone please help me out of my confusion?! :D


23rd of February 2004 (Mon), 18:27
Maybe your clock battery is running out of juice and need to be replaced? Not sure what else it could it.