View Full Version : What is Chromatic noise?

6th of January 2007 (Sat), 15:29
And what is luminant noise and what amount do you use to clear your noise? This is what I was wondering because I have these choices on my photo rework cd , very simular to PS but not .How can you tell if its clear enough? I thought pic where nice and clear then printed them to find out they where not .So any help would be great .

Maureen Souza
6th of January 2007 (Sat), 15:38
Chromatic noise shows up as colored halos, color banding or purple fringing. All digital cameras produce images with some electronic noise. They key is to learn what lighting serves your photo situation the best.

7th of January 2007 (Sun), 08:16
From The Luminous Landscape - Digital Artifacts – The Colour Gremlins. (http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/color-gremlins.shtml)