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9th of May 2001 (Wed), 08:34
Here's how I'd like to automate the processing of my RAW images:

1. Convert them to 800x600 (or 600x800, depending on the orientation) JPG.
2. Create Corresponding thumbnail
3. From a template HTML file, create html pages for each of these images.
4. These HTML files should also contain the Camera Settings info found in the .CRW files
5. Create a "Master" html file (probably from another template) that contains the thumbnails.
5. Store the images and files on CD, along with the original CRW files.

Seems easy, but I don't have a way of ripping out the Camera Settings info from the .CRW files. I registered with Canon in the hopes of getting their SDK, haven't heard from them yet. How do you guys organize your digital images?

BTW, I live in the US, seems harder to get the SDK here than if you live in Europe. :-(

Oh yeah, here're some pics from my Pro90:


John - NJ
9th of May 2001 (Wed), 08:45
Try Yarc.


9th of May 2001 (Wed), 11:35
I also have 99 easy steps :) :

1. Download CRW with Breeze Downloader.
2. With Breeze Browser I convert CRW to JPEG with 60-70 quality.
3. Throw away bad negatives.
4. Generate HTML with ACDSee (until Breeze Browser gives me this ability).
5. Burn CD.

6. Select, what I want to be printed 6x4 and form roll for FilmFactory (Epson).
7. Generate TIFF.
8. Print it in FilmFactory and burn CD with these TIFFs.

8. Select what I want to be printed in 8x10
9. Generate TIFF
10. Print in PhotoShop and burn CD with PSD.

11. Select, what I want to be place on the WEB
12. Resample TIFF to 800x600 with PhotoShop and make Sharpen filter in LAB
13. Convert in ImageReady to JPEG with 65-80 quality.
14. Place on the WEB with FotoAlbum (from FotoTime) and burn CD with last state of WEB.


99. Enjoy my work :)